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Seo Hyeonjin

Show Cultwo Seo Hyeonjin boyfriend Yang Sejong OK to 8 years old are reminded?

The actor Seo Hyeonjin opened up about her boyfriend style and entertainment in age Cultwo show.

16The show has aired Cultwo sbs new drama "temperature love’ Seo Hyun-jin of the two main characters have appeared yangsejong.

In Cultwo show haetneundeyo Seo Hyeonjin is Lee Sanghyeong for public entertainment and style

Seo Hyeonjin

Seo Hyeonjin is up to 8 years old Boyfriend Back, Said fine down to 7-year-old has said that every entertainment style is a style meeting.

Seo Hyeonjin is also Lee Sanghyeong for “20For there to haetneun like the man to lead now sweet and good soft style” He preached.

Seo Hyeonjin

I mean you organize your Lee Sanghyeong Seo Hyeonjin of the top down until 8 years old, 7 years old, OK, Plus susceptible sweet and gentle style indeyo

So Seo Hyeonjin and down the story that kicks 32 years old until 40 years old is that story until I'm 25 years old

Seo Hyeonjin

Yang Sejong one day appeared with anatneundeyo is praised for Seo Hyeonjin

Yang Sejong is about Seo Hyeonjin “A lot of charm” Innovation “If you are just looking at the eyes to focus when taking. Really it is” I did not spare the praise.

Seo Hyeonjin

This is Cultwo “Ll is the same swallowing Yang Sejong” That question “When you open the same three kinds of seeds it is really appreciated.” Innovation “Who depend”Haetneundeyo say this is Yang Sejong “Unconditional attracted. The nayicha have never ever thought the limit up or down. Up until the age of 12 as it's all right.” Innovation “No less met the younger” It surprised both me.

Seo Hyeonjin

But I Yang Sejong is 24 years old and older take on the cut line ㅎㅎ

Meanwhile, Seo Hyeonjin was said dwaetdago long after dating a man without absolute commitment to a Friend Once released jeonhaetgo called grazing-type bad guy says that the Lee Sanghyeong man is the highest good that Sligo.

Seo Hyun-jin love yangsejong dual temperature of # # # yeongipa gwimul rookie

Seo Hyeonjin Awards makchum also Oh Haeyoung

Seo Hyeonjin with three kids' Goodbye Single’

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