Short of talent donations of citizens. Now can we Shin Jung-hwan devil ball all

Shin Jung-hwan had returned to broadcasting in seven years.

Terrestrial broadcasting is thought that this may be somewhat less pressure point for Shin Jung-hwan called on the younger generation, but high ratings Mnet program.

'Talent base of the Devil "is a program to donate their talents for free, as shown in the title.

Shin Jung-hwan

Wherever you need to go anywhere Shin Jung-hwan free broadcasting raneunge is Shin Jung-hwan returned to the project concept.

Looking at the posters produced in the broadcast neundeyo looked like a nightclub promotional flyers events absolutely free ', It's been called 'the devil talent donation will call' look posters only heard the idea seems to come a huge starred request.

Tak Jae Hoon Shin Jung-hwan and meetings

From spirals to broadcast the return of Shin Jung-hwan was a very good friend of the country, yet cluck activities with Tak Jae Hoon.

Shin Jung-hwan

Tak Jae Hoon is around. "Now, in an interview, Mr. Shin Jung-hwan has no choice but th-wife?"He said" I have to explain the story to give help, "said Shin Jung-hwan'll be forced.

Haetneundeyo instead of just a nice little laugh in the first meeting

Shin Jung-hwan

"Why he is wearing a suit? Dropped my view around the heatwave "that at the end of Tak Jae Hoon Shin Jung-hwan is" going gatchu for example first broadcast equals, "quietly let's say Tak Jae Hoon is a word that I deonjyeotneun bones

Tak Jae Hoon is said that "should've embodiment is equipped before that example is 7 years ago," Shin Jung-hwan was freely, read the head.

Shin Jung-hwan

However, the screen does not say is that look good to each other, but it seemed that goes to the viewer.


Shin Jung-hwan detailed work on broadcasting

Shin Jung-hwan at the base of the Devil's talent was quite intimidating figure dressed all in black suit.

7Shin Jung-hwan appearance of lines seemed a brilliant ipdam years in various arts is not found ma'am.Do

Shin Jung-hwan

But more surprising will come Dressed in a neat suit I made a heatwave warning.

But it turns out unchanged indeyo Shin Jung-hwan right hairstyle or haircut seemed old and now.

Shin Jung-hwan

Shin Jung-hwan, Seoul is looking to promote the city as a primary move the program haetneundeyo boyigido look like you just came out of the boy in the jungle

Of course, but to get off on the air because of their wrong even to think it is a bit jjanhada its appearance.


Shin Jung-hwan met with impromptu street close accidentally press interview

Tak Jae Hoon Shin Jung-hwan is a woman coming up the publicity on the street holding a flyer for Shin Jung-hwan smiled the smile away from the one who iteotneundeyo

Shin Jung-hwan

Is Shin Jung-hwan fan? And it was good to see, but look where balhija ice that you are the reporter.

Suddenly the question of "returning a comment saying only" on the street was it Bo Shin Jung-hwan is a look that puzzled

Tak Jae Hoon seeing it is only just built a laugh.

Shin Jung-hwan

I enjoyed the view on the question, "prepared shout" do not know what to do, saying, "We work with all the best".

Haetneundeyo also said, "Sometimes you good-looking," he said "looking wo much sympathy" for the malicious comments

Shin Jung-hwan

Saying, "If you think by changing the position of wo think that enough room, however," was not even expected to interview.


Shin Jung-hwan played directly feet could laugh again?

Time limit Min mother mud met in two spirals on the market publicity leaflets, turning directly from the street gotta "Now the ball all Ng Shin Jung-hwan to wake up?"I said Shin Jung-hwan is haetneundeyo also advise, we enjoyed the look on his word to ulkeok.

Shin Jung-hwan

Shin Jung-hwan

"Now the spirit gotta charyeoya" This word is the word Shin Jung-hwan Maybe I'd want him to hear during the

Himyeo've reached my own reflection in the front and people in the street and get the courage to look forward to be back to Shin Jung-hwan laughter to viewers.

Public advised Shin Jung-hwan Kim Gura


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