It predicted course and damage the current state of very strong No. 18 typhoon

18Predicted course in front of the Typhoon

14Day 3 am criterion No. 18 typhoon Tarurimu have is towards the Japan。
Typhoon Tarurimu was able expected to close in the East China Sea、This was a mistake。

18Typhoon Tarurimu is、And toward the Japanese in the original predicted course and the other to the class of the curve、Come 17 days、It landed in Japan、It is expected to make a strong wind and rain。

Typhoon course

Tertiary typhoon to Chinese authorities Zhejiang zone、Flood and issued an emergency readiness、It was allowed to emergency evacuate with residents more than 200,000 of Fujian and Zhejiang, etc. landslide。

Typhoon Tarurimu is intensified force while passing through the sea、The United States has grown in power, such as similar to the hurricane 'roughness' that have provided significant damage to the Florida zone typhoon Tarurimu is central pressure 945hPa、Radius 380km of high winds、With a maximum wind speed per second 45m、The size is a medium-sized typhoon, but robbery is 'very river'。

Typhoon course

Typhoon course is netizens is about what has been changed in Japan”Why suddenly the hairpin curve?”、”Japan likes Ainka!?”We leave the writing that

However、Changes of this typhoon course does not have a surprising influence by westerly。
I course has been changed to Japan by changing rapidly the direction riding typhoon course is to westerlies for the position of the west wind, as can be seen from the picture above is south in the vicinity of Honshu。

Typhoon course

Also this time of the typhoon Tarurimu、Also、It is commonly found feature due to the influence of westerly winds in the autumn of typhoon。
In the summer、Westerly winds are blowing in the north of Japan to the Pacific Ocean anticyclone covers wide and long the Japanese archipelago。

Typhoon course

But in the autumn weakened the Pacific Ocean anticyclone、Westerlies you to come down to the vicinity of Honshu。
Therefore it this time of typhoon course even if the grade curve riding on the westerly is close to Japan。
Typhoon Tarurimu is expected to be accompanied by strong wind and rain、We must conduct a sudden measures such as shutter or drainage ditch inspection。

Okinawa Prefecture Miyakojima No. 18 typhoon damage

Very strong typhoon No. 18 hit Okinawa Prefecture Miyakojima、1The entire island entered the storm zone are out damage in Japan、A power failure in a wide range has occurred。

Typhoon course
Very record-breaking heavy rain in strong No. 18 Okinawa Prefecture Miyakojima '50 years of typhoon struck’

According the Okinawa Meteorological Observatory、24 period rainfall until 6 pm 14 days morning in Miyakojima Johen has recorded the observation history of the first place and record the 533 mm。
Also、Vehicle, which are trees fallen and overthrow the city、Flood damage has occurred。
just now、Two or more of about a 28,000 household-third of the city the entire household has been known to become a power failure。

Typhoon course
It struck a very strong No. 18 typhoon Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture

Meteorological Observatory”Become once record heavy rain in 50 years in Miyakojima”Saying the、We are pleased to announce the disaster warning information。

Hurricane rough power

13day、According to the AP communication、Hurricane Oma the Caribbean zone 38 people、A total of 61 people, including the United States mainland 23 people were revealed to have died、The number of deaths was reported that would further increase。
By the 'rough'、Leave the house only at 700 million people the United States、The refuge、1300Million people off the electricity and hot water、That it is forced to inconvenience。
6.8 million corresponding to the Florida entire population one-third have been living without electricity in the dark、Hundreds of thousands of people have received the power outage damage in Georgia。
By Hurricane Oh Malo、That the United States and the Caribbean coast of the scale of damage is estimated at 55 billion US dollars at the subscriber the amount of insurance。
18The power of Typhoon Tarurimu、If to be landed in the Japanese archipelago when seen in the fact that the same as the hurricane Oma WE power、It is the situation that is expected to give in huge compared。

Terrible reason is the fall of typhoon

Autumn typhoon in the summer has a more powerful power。
From the summer up is most often water temperature in the fall、And well developed typhoon harbor many more powerful steam。
Summer and the difference、Now get off the cold air in the north in the fall、Huge rain clouds if there is water vapor and the cold air of the typhoon will be formed。
Also、The largest typhoon damage while recording the precipitation of a large amount will come in the fall。


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