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Visit Naver cycle index cycle and Robots

Only molratna? Naver Cycle Index !!

Modified the site recently, I've touched the wrong feed.

But you know what, there is an error in the feed was then modified a file, and two days.

I think you also truly priceless…

Ever suffered due to past errors feed iteotneundeyo I have been using it only on Google Chrome, not IE exposure If you check the feed properly in Chrome Line Screen okay no problem

But turns out in Webmaster Tools shows the feed error

OMG.. Having lived and confirm with IE figured turns out an error or ;;

Naver Cycle Index

Simply modifying treatment

Come to feed and check the Webmaster Tools looks like a normal registration

But it is a problem arising from this case.

Gave it to evaporate in the image search did expose a problem has occurred it is not collected properly

“Is this why not do this?”, “Is this why not do this?” While it continued to shovel a shovel

With the idea that I should contact the Naver Customer Center went into the Customer Center.

And I found the true critical information while trying to determine the Naver Customer Center.

I did just find out the Naver search robots index cycle..

Naver Cycle Index

Of course, but also those who are already aware of this fact, I am in this short article “Ah ha” And it smashes the knee.

The situation is also similar but not all the answers to past blog errors were here.

That information is the information related to this indeyo Naver Index.

Naver Cycle Index

Tell Naver search robots index : Shorter, depending on the index update date of Naver will hold in two weeks, it may take up to 2 months. ” The contents of.

But it has a low post is created in 2015 at best hits 6665 Lani I mean so far it has seen the jeogeul's this story is only 6665 people

Hagisa I've seen today, ;;

In the Internet Naver Index, Naver collected, There are many questions and answers about the Naver search robot.

mostly “I should correct the error.”, “Not collected”, Not the index”, “With all the stars looked big deal” Etc..

But look well, you know the above article

If you fix the error is to wait at least two weeks beginning when the.


Also there is such information in Naver Webmaster Tools.

Naver Cycle Index

The changed information is updated after the re-visits of search robots“, “Even if you do not visit the Robots after submitting sitemap and RSS are expose old information.” That the article.

Therefore, if you fix the error, or you have completely resolved watching more hands not to mamgosaeng

Just wait.

So can I resolve the problem, please contact your Customer Center sooner?

Naver Cycle Index

Due to the redundant document was long ago an inquiry to Naver Customer Center received an answer that is reflected in two weeks.

I mean, when you're stating that change it is Naver index update.

Because if you are properly correct the error at least two weeks or three months we will have to wait that reflect normal.

But now I'm Mercure's a day four days a long way indeed meolgodo..

And all the answers at the end seems to be in Naver Customer Center.

But The problem is that I find difficult to look at each one..

Google "blog posts" Simple Search

How w3 total cache feed error resolved, Remove comment

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