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Google Search

Google "blog posts’ Simple search

If this blog post I wrote not at all exposed to the portal, that article is considered dead article.

If you write for a blog and I wrote this article for the portal site it is being indexed exposed many people to see what I am created

So I wrote this article it is really curious to eopna Are the portal to register.

As well as a portal for the search robot to visit your blog in real time is right to create and register on the portal an article you do not have to worry about this because the Search Funnels.

But blogs are real-time search robots visited seemed not so much.

So I wrote this article, we'll show you a very simple method of checking for peeping Are the portal is registered.

Google Search

Search Words : AMP

I will try to search for the word AMP.

In the case of Google, type the following into Google's search box.

site:my.blogkor.com : AMP

Google site search box:Until my.blogkor.com I believe you have to know La : The AMP is that you'll be soon.

I mean very specific keywords on the site will have to find a different article contains a cross-AMP.

실제 구글에서 site:my.blogkor.com : When the search to AMP will be exposed like the image below,.

Google Search

Are you used to search whether this article on my blog from google so registered would be great. ^^

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