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Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun wedding Prado Stadium Museum of Musical Instruments goes private

Actress left the honeymoon to Vietnam after a frugal wedding couple Song Jaehui Ji So-yun.

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun couple is gonna posted a private wedding in the last 7 days, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province near the Prado Stadium Museum of Musical Instruments

The frugal wedding of two people has become a hot topic on the Internet.

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

According to the agency, Song Jaehui Ji So-yun wedding couple preached frugality and ohbut chirwot jyeotdago the blessing of both families Family.

The two men also haetneundeyo year prior to the wedding appeared in kbs2 'Salim two men to' open the married life

In Wednesday's broadcast Ji So-yun, saying did a brilliant character image from the broadcast is not true for the whole lot are those who actually know the daughter of a wealthy family, because of which the role

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

Ji So-yun's "Salim to two men’ In an interview “He had lived in the original banjiha. The house is the eighth”Haetneundeyo also confessed that Ji So-yun was also followed by the bright, charming house tastefully decorated every corner public.

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun couple guys that Saleem married the former TV "2’ Haetneundeyo so many stories from around the

Song Jaehui is why the hurry to get married “I love after marriage are 2 weeks was 100 days”Said “The reason soon decided to marry me to live is shrinking every day so its time to waste”He preached.

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

I mean love even to those who love and marriage but would like to have more time together. Maybe this means you are.

But 100 days is not going too fast ㅎㅎ

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun couple day is gonna broadcast showed goose bumps couple aspects to the video call

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

Followed by Song Jaehui Ji So-yun he found the house to talk to each other for goods moving in the honeymoon house and headed by Song Jaehui home for 100 days commemorating events.


Song Jaehui is the inner eotneundeyo a homemade dinner at home for Ji So-yun

This figure is shown frequently show love after marriage. ^^

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

After the dinner haetneundeyo disclose their phones in a video letter Song Jaehui In Ji So-yun has shed tears of touched in vain.

US and decor of the 100 days the event was it's Necklace

Song Jaehui went out is going out gatdamyeo Song Jaehui, who passed it on to the necklace as Ji So-yun drones.

Hadeoraguyo seemed much you exercise, adjust drones ㅎㅎ

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

In addition, Song Jaehui Ji So-yun is often did disclose the honey dripping through his Instagram photos.

From a pictorial wedding on the beach in the background of two minor everyday people often disclose was also getting very popular.

In this Vietnam honeymoon, perhaps, try to raise expectations that would give us a lot of pictures.

Song Jaehui Ji So-yun

Song Jaehui

2004Drama Road No. 1 debut with CF, Moon Embracing the Sun, Why a family since the, It'll be okay appeared like it had a lot of character siljangnim kkalgeumhan appearance.


Ji So-yun

2013Year old debuted with the MBC drama romance glowing girlfriend Club, Mom, He appeared like a hero in the neighborhood.


Song Jaehui Ji So-yun wedding wedding pictorials

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