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Excel Print

Excel Thermal Printing repeat ansseuni how meokne..

Repeat this ten deogunyo thought Anna when I print it created an Excel document to a long only.


To create the Excel document body rather than remember catapult often used by those that's true If you use Excel to print a title repeatedly thought that the first reaction

Today, I have no idea…

Andeogunyo see the body reacts ㅎㅎ

So far I found the menu ㅋㅋ

Then again, leave a comment at a blog make sure this does not happen in.

Excel Print

1. Top Menu "page layout in the page to be printed’ click

Excel Print

2. Click Print Titles

Excel Print

3. Select the sheet in the Page Setup

Excel Print

4. Print the subject line, click the right arrow to repeat

Excel Print

5. Repeat selection area to be printed

6. The selected columns in a row are input to repeat. Click the arrow

Excel Print

7. 페이지 설정 에서 확인 클릭

Excel Print

8. Now, if the print titles are printed in a repeated.

Repeat the same when you print the column.

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