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Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

Son Heung-Min Hwang Huichan is before injuries disrupted power inevitable

Coming 31 days 21:00 the primary side of the Russian national team at the 2018 World Cup qualifiers held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium Hwang Huichan(Salzburg)And sonheung Min(Tottenham Hotspur)It is likely to fall increasingly Indah try unavoidable team power disruptions.

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

Son Heung-Min Hwang Huichan, and I'd like to have two starters appearances unlikely the current injury

Hwang Huichan players state that a pain in the injured left knee ligament and Son Heung-Min players are in a situation that is appealing discomfort in the arm surgery.

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

It also determines the current status obligations Son Heung-Min Hwang Huichan's team players game after carefully checking the physical condition of the two players gave up a situation report to the Director Shin Tae-yong game day whether appearances.

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

Hwang Huichan player Ostia LA Despite early season in the league, and even though I'm showing bone sense to put seven goals, Shin Tae-yong first phase 'is the right Hwang Huichan athlete received a 26 out of ten expect to Iran before the goal striker.

But haetneundeyo team shooting training of danghaetgo injured right knee ligaments are folded inwards this past weekend did not play in the league match

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

28Joining one team, but was known to be a great possibility would have been a fine medial ligament tear in a state that the knee pain remains.

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

Son Heung-Min'm also not a good body condition

Son Heung-Min has been fully restored after the art received the right arm fracture in last June 14 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar before surgery jyeotneunde I liked enough to play in the starting team last weekend's game, there

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

But not easy to achieve the best performance we had complained of discomfort in the surgery arm of the state team after joining.

Hwang Huichan sonheung Min

This is according Son Heung-Min is likely to be introduced in the second half as the Joker falls in the selection list growing.

According to team officials he preached that "the condition of the Son Heung-Min players even after watching the game until just before the final coach Shin Tae-yong will be added to determine whether".

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