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Mamamoo hwiin

Apology over Mamamoo hwiin fan cafe

It was an official apology to the girl group Mamamoo drinking and swearing members reminds broadcasting hwiin.

Hwiin has published the apology titled 'Sorry' over the official fan cafe last 27 days.

Mamamoo hwiin

Prior hwiin was controversial with words reminiscent of "Mother Pumpkin" and insults in the course of the fans and real-time communication via Naver V would put the app also controversial as exposure to alcohol during the live scene ileot.

Mamamoo hwiin

This was great for a formal apology from the fan cafe.


Hwiin and is "a good weekend also wondered what each of the fans, It was a haphazard V Canal Plus app and chat with a live broadcast on the desire to communicate and I would like to say that that was the way to end a mistake, "said," First, I'm sorry, "I said.

Mamamoo hwiin

Following "My mistake did not know the exact meaning of words. And even though I'm an adult, but it seems that young fans think that only complacency iteotgie eumjung the scene with a video called viscosity recently Drinking Finishing inclined to drink at City Hall, where possible, stated that ".

Mamamoo hwiin

Mamamoo hwiin

Following "was to write a post late, but the fans who have disappointed because of my sorry heart thoughtless behavior. I look forward to be more circumspect and pondered in hwiin. I'm so sorry, "left a comment that.

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