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Cho Dongjin

violet, Happy People, Cho Dongjin died singing legend through leaves

It was the death of 70 people Cho Dongjin portrait artists that were suffering from bladder cancer.

28AM Cho Dongjin death news was delivered.

It is regrettable Cho Dongjin eotneundeyo recently been busy battling bladder cancer stage IV diagnosis gives you more sadness As the news was going to stand on the performances in 13 years next month, 16 days.

Cho Dongjin

Brother and "blue mold" Mr. Singer, president of Cho Donghui Cho Dongjin is haetneundeyo "My brother was not a good diagnosis from a health clinic recently" I said, "Nevertheless, it is not the will of baffled gearing battling" high

Cho Dongjin

Including Cho Donghui blue mold belongs musicians coming September 16 was performing planned to open a label from the KEPCO Art Center and Liege preached was scheduled to participate singers Cho Dongjin.

Cho Dongjin

Cho Dongjin is haetneundeyo through a loan from the underground artists of the 1980s and 1990s, whereas laden underground artists are resistant Cho Dongjin energy is introduced lyrical lyrics.

Cho Dongjin

The lyrics of lyrical Cho Dongjin endowed with a low voice, as if I got a rating close to the city

Cho Dongjin representative song of "Happy People" are listed first album 'Cho Dongjin' was also ranked "Korea Pop 100 Alum, 39 2007.

1966US Embassy in Cho Dongjin Start the music from the 8th Army had worked as a vocalist. Lead guitarist and composer in the rock band "Green Chevron" and "Light of the East".

Cho Dongjin

Since throwing his first album in his own name in 1979 it became known to the public.

1980Planning chief representative in East neundeyo's become a giant of popular music wild chrysanthemum Korea, Some days, Poet mayor, Jang Pilsun such legendary musicians have been discharged through the East Planning.

Cho Dongjin

1990 Cho Dongjin the East Planning lost his way Jang Pilsun forces, including the brother Cho Dongik, Park Yongjin(The Classic), Along with Lee Gyuho I'd founded the music community, "one music" Music is one of the predecessor of the current prices "blue mold".

Cho Dongjin

1996It has also announced a five-year naseoji home without a music career after the release of 'Cho Dongjin 5' gatneundeyo continued to shut herself living life in Jeju and elsewhere Then, the tree is' new album after a whopping 8 November 20 last year,.

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