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Lee Jae-yong

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics shares trial flap

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics vice chairman of Samsung Group affiliates shares the court of first instance sentenced to 25 days, including Samsung's advanced largely flap.

What Samsung's share price has also affected the KOSPI repeated fluctuations.

Lee Jae-yong

25Samsung Electronics, one of which had 10 a.m. naerimse Ever since 15:30 the previous day by the contrast seems to rise 2 pm 40 minutes after the start time of trial 0.34% It has recorded 2,384,000 won right.

Samsung C & T 2.58%, Samsung SDS 2.98% It seemed to surge. The KOSPI index has risen to 2383.56.

Lee Jae-yong

This is the time when the court stated that the Vice President Lee Jae-yong to admit that an explicit solicitation with respect to time management right succession of the former Park Geunhye of Samsung Group governance reform concept to the President and the exclusive interview.

Lee Jae-yong

Also, I saw no evidence was reported to Samsung Life Financial Group conversion and also to review the president can not see that the Commission favors only the relevant night.

Lee Jae-yong

But the news that the court had determined that the implied solicitation of Vice President Lee Jae-yong, Samsung in relation to the succession Samsung, Samsung C & T, Both Samsung SDS haetneundeyo immediately downturn

Lee Jae-yong

The court applied to embezzlement Vice President Lee Jae-yong, Property fled abroad, Proceeds of crime concealment, He has pleaded guilty to perjury charges, etc. Assembly and sentenced to five years.

Samsung's share price has plummeted over the previous day just before the close haetneundeyo -1.05% He finished the trading, down 2.351 million won, Samsung C & T -1.48%, Samsung SDS -0.89% Declined.

Lee Jae-yong

On the other hand, Samsung Life 2.53%, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 1.39%, Samsung Card 0.53% It had a strong finish to.

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