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Morning Forum Eva married eight years economic difficulties Toro

Britain's former Everton popiel that a broadcaster through the activities 'of the chat Beauty' appeared in the morning the yard was poured out the economic difficulties of married life.

23Kbs1 yard one morning, Eva, 20000000000000000 was the couple appeared as a guest puts off the concerns of each other,.


"Why are you married me.?On the topic of "Eva" is upset to hear you tell your husband like that. My husband is very busy. Gyeolul does not come in a little house on the side Ski Resort. In summer, go out early in the morning and evening commute, but there is no money "after haetneundeyo say," But come late, busy. It puts it confessed that it is difficult economically. ".


Husband of Eva's story is haetneundeyo 20000000000000000 answer "When you love I do not understand things differently after talking marriage then he do not care about living so geoe"


The cost of living in each of making money, Eva wrote "When I married my husband and me when it worked. After giving birth, I rattling is not doing was writing a kkaeseo Savings. It was so intense it came to writing him a living husband”It "goes even kindergarten children's education, etc.. Go also gives kids often play Cafe. Been married 8 years of receiving cost of living has been two months, "he added.


Eva's husband 20000000000000009 said that "giving $ 1,000 to the cost of living.".

Eva, I'm married with two sons on the knee and the last 2010 Korean husband

Two people snowboarding is the relationship I'd had the goal of marriage


Eva 20000000000000009 husband said, "I was working as a snowboard instructor was coming to meet his wife Eva to learn," he told Eva, "to see her husband infatuation at first sight. The dark eyebrows and big men was also really good, "said the first impression tale.


Following Eva went to see my husband again, "When we first met at the time I was a good confession too bad," he said went "to catch him after waterskiing in summer. Husband waterskiing again, while the ride look again had to confess, "he preached.

Mr. 20000000000000009 are "Eva is too strong at the time of the first meeting was a dash. So seureowotda little bear, "said explained the reasons that initially refused to confess Eva.

Following 20000000000000009 said, "Eva economic part of human nature that do not matter hadeora. To hear that it describes a woman if he thought his fine, "said the decision to marry and Eva decisive reason with thoughts like that.

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