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301 Redirection

Nginx http 301 Redirection Naver search Exposure similar documents

While it is operating a blog on Nginx server supine If you change from http to https 301 Redirection 를 설정 해주셔야 합니다.

만일 301 Redirection 를 설정 하지 않으면 네이버 검색 에서 유사 문서로 분류되어 검색 노출이 되지 않을 수 있습니다.

301 Redirection

For example, http://If the change in status that has already been registered in the article entitled my.blogkor.com/987324 Naver Naver is https http to https://This article will determine the my.blogkor.com/987324 glow in different blogs.

Therefore, the address http and https is classified as a similar document search neeobeo exposure is excluded.

301 Redirection

이런 부분을 사전에 방지 하기 위해 301 Redirection 는 필수적으로 작업 해주셔야 합니다.

So, how to work

301 Redirection

/In the etc / nginx / conf.d folder doeneundeyo modifications in their conf file

If my story is as follows:.

server {
listen 80;
server_name my.blogkor.com;
return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri;

This will be the setting http://To force users to connect to my.blogkor.com/987324 https://my.blogkor.com/987324 로 Redirection 시켜 줍니다.

301 Redirection

Struggling to help prevent situations build ssl secure server and is not exposed in the Naver search in dictionary.

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