Nginx http 301 Redirection Naver search Exposure similar documents

While it is operating a blog on Nginx server supine If you change from http to https 301 The haejusyeoya set the Redirection.

if 301 If you do not set the Redirection is classified as similar documents from Naver search can not search impressions.

301 Redirection

For example, https://If the change in status that has already been registered in the article entitled Naver Naver is https http to https://This article will determine the glow in different blogs.

Therefore, the address http and https is classified as a similar document search neeobeo exposure is excluded.

301 Redirection

To avoid these areas in advance 301 Redirection is essential tasks haejusyeoya.

So, how to work

301 Redirection

/In the etc / nginx / conf.d folder doeneundeyo modifications in their conf file

If my story is as follows:.

server {
listen 80;
return 301 https://$server_name$request_uri;

This will be the setting https://To force users to connect to https://Redirection helps to

301 Redirection

Struggling to help prevent situations build ssl secure server and is not exposed in the Naver search in dictionary.


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