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Lee Jihyeon married

New start in Lee Jihyeon in September remarried divorced one year

Lee Jihyeon married now only flower road ~

Lee Jihyeon from the girl group Jewelry and a new start in a divorce a year.
Lee Jihyeon accepted the last 10 days the public is haetneundeyo A devotee who preached and that, according to Lee Jihyeon's aides Mr. A jinyeotda a neat appearance and a wide character to an eye specialist.

Lee Jihyeon married
In fact, it was determined a new start in a year that can not be divorced looks big decision.
Lee Jihyeon and I doubt I'd have had a fear of a new love after a divorce, but opened up, while a warm jasangham of Mr. A

Lee Jihyeon married
A Mr. Lee Jihyeon raising and decided that the wedding will also remarried a sincere and bright look to the minutes, Lee Jihyeon said that the wounds of divorce.

Lee Jihyeon married

Lee Jihyeon is scheduled to come indeyo raise the wedding of a private invitation only September 30 Family ambivalence
Jocholhage have a place to eat that it will be a new start.

Lee Jihyeon married

Also called Lee Jihyeon and I'd say Mr. A is said to spend a happy time with your children hang out without hesitation Along with Lee Jihyeon plans to expand Ido active learning activities.

Lee Jihyeon married
Meanwhile, Lee Jihyeon is I have a divorce settlement in March last year married three years left knee has a son and 1 lady has also bet contains a special affection for children in several broadcasts.

Lee Jihyeon married
Lee Jihyeon is a condition of receiving child support alimony in the divorce process, Property division was also abandoned all.

Once overcame the pain and wish to be in the future, Mr. Lee Jihyeon only flower road to a new beginning.

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