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Jakarta casual physical contact bongbyeon shock

SNSD Taeyeon is giving the art physical contact bongbyeon impact on the Jakarta airport.

Taeyeon fans were flocking to buy a dizzying fall to the floor in the process of entry into Indonesia through Jakarta airport, Indonesia to digest the schedule last 17 days.

Taeyeon has revealed shocking fell to the floor because of the crowd had gathered in the process of physical access.

Also it announced that fans molrija local security guards, lift the casual flash too embarrassed.


Taeyeon "is not intentional but said part of the body butt chest and smashing keep in contact with each other, and I've reached my straining.. That feeling truly embarrassing motcha sane forecast downed, "said the order has preached the situation via Instagram that can not be found.



Jakarta Airport calmly look at the video, and no time mixed guidelines to calmly enter the show the fans I'm a disorderly appearance


Taeyeon batdeon police protection and bodyguards are falling to the ground due to the end tackled fans was an accident suffer physical contact.


Tae Yeon's agency SM Entertainment has preached that currently calmly took action to preach that steady state I'd had a deep apology to the organizers and calmly several times to further strengthen the guard force to prevent the performance field and safety issues upon departure.


Also, he preached that "writing deeply concerned about safety issues at the company level artists in the future we will further strengthen the guard, etc.".


Taeyeon Jakarta airport event Taeyeon's not the only problem

Last year, Jackson freshly Seven slightly after a freshly Seven concerts in China accidents by fans of the vehicle along ohdeon of heading to the airport to leave for Japan, but traffic got was two days getting injured.

T-ara members also delays was it surrounded by many reporters and fans while coming to Vietnam this time to try to delay and delay contacts have danghagido is tearing the hair hold bongbyeon.


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