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Pesticides egg number and irrelevant farmhouse where 32 list

17Agriculture, Forestry and Food and Livestock one KFDA said he is neundeyo am on the 17th to complete the inspection of 876 farms of laying hens farms total inspection inspected 1,239 farms was double the 31 farms were judged inadequate

Boneyo Did an error in the data integration

Pesticides eggs

17Through the afternoon press iteotneundeyo pesticides eggs unsuitable farmhouse where Article 10 has been incorrectly

This was announced Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food has re-edit the afternoon unsuitable farmers.

The one existing farms to 32 farms in 31 farms have been added as inappropriate Homestead.

Pesticides eggs

Below are 32 pesticides egg farms where inadequate.

Pesticides eggs

Ulsan Mirim Farm(70051), Ulsan, South Korea Farms(70001), Match 2 farm fresh Yangzhou(08Farm Fresh), War seokno Farm Road (06Daejeon), Match Gwangju our farm(08LSH), Match Pyeongtaek gimsundo(08KD youngyangran), Ginggyeo Pyeongtaek bakjongseon(08SH), Ginggyeo Pyeongtaek Cho Seongwoo(08Ssangyong farm), Game Yeoju Agricultural Corporation joins ganam point(08Ganam), Match poultry farm in Yeoju(08Poultry), Icheon If the game concentrates(08Light surface Farm), Match thousand poultry sindun(08Sindun), Namyangju game farm animals(08Marie), Yangzhou game ohdongmin(08Irene), Yeoncheon game Ju-no(08JHN), Match Paju alpine farm(08Alpine), Mars game gimjunhwan(08Correspondence), Chungnam Nonsan bakmyeongseo(11Seoyoung friendly), Asan Song Yeonho(11Lead), Hongseong, Chungnam guunhoe(11Sinseonbong farm), Kim Kyungpook seven added entry(14hope), Gyeongsangbuk-seven gimjunghyeon(14ALAN), Gyeongsangbuk-seven Park Wonsik(14Haechan), Gyeongnam Changnyeong Kim Miok(15Yonam), Kyungnam Hapcheon mungyeongsuk(15Onnuri), Cheorwon, Gangwon Wang Youngho(09Amy), Naju, South Jeolla clean farm(13SCK), Chonnam Hampyeong spiral junyoung(13Spiral junyoung), Kyungpook 10000000000000000 shares golden chair(14Gold), Kyungpook castle before net(14Dyne), Cheonan Sion Farm(11Zion), Jeonnam Naju purified farm(13purification)

Pesticides eggs

Above 32 farms where farmers are currently receiving inadequate determined 17 days.

Please refer to the link below to check pesticide egg numbers.

How to check the number of eggs pesticides


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