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Pesticides eggs

How to check the number of eggs pesticides

If you are anxious to have egg on my house sadun authorized eggs produced in pesticide detection farm eggs, please try to check the rating label marked eggs.

Eggs have a class of eggs marked with blue color

Pesticides eggs

The first decision(Wangran, Teukran, Gangbang, Jungran, turmoil)This marked a two-digit number and production, Producer 3 digits, Flock number 2 spot, 2-digit code hub? , Grading is in one.

See the image below

Pesticides egg numbers

8The current May 16 pesticides are detected Farm game Namyangju, Match Gwangju, Yangzhou game Cheorwon, Gangwon, Naju, South Jeolla is.

Pesticides eggs

Then we inform the attempt by producers numbers.

Seoul 01, Busan 02, Daegu Metropolitan City 03, Incheon Metropolitan City 04, Gwangju 05, Daejeon 06, Ulsan 07, Gyeonggi-do 08, Gangwon-do 09, Chung-cheong bukdo 10, Chungcheongnam 11, Jeollabuk do 12, Jeollanam-do 13, Gyeongsangbuk-do 14, Gyeongsangnam-do 15, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 16, Sejong City 17 Etc..

Pesticides eggs

So our house egg 08, 09, 13 Please make sure to try a number.

2017.08.17. PM 04:50 Additional input

17One based on agriculture, forestry and livestock wealth and 05:00 KFDA announced that has completed the inspection of 876 farms in 1239 one farmer checks the dual vocational laying hens farms 31 farms were judged inadequate.

Eggs of 847 farmers received the appropriate decision I will allow commercial distribution which corresponds to 86.5% of the total egg supply volume.

Farmer receiving irrelevant determined non pent Lin 21, Fipronil 7(Below the reference value 4), Ron flu page noksu 2, A total of 31 farms in the first place ethoxylated Sasol.

Check complete 876 Insufficient farmers in antibiotic-free environment-friendly authentication standard of the farmers are unsuitable 60 farms farms is 25 Homestead. Only farmers who violates friendly certification standards are 35 farms.

25 eggs of farmers who determines the suitable measures are being recovered waste.

Also it detected a violation within normal limits 35 million more environmentally friendly standards farmhouse distribution is available as a generic product is removed from the display, such as eco-certification.

The agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry section neundeyo brought confusion to announce been inserted incorrectly announced total of 10 farmers who unsuitable AM

Pesticides egg numbers

기존 발표한 31개 농가 중 충남 아산 건강한 마을, Deokyeon farm, Gyeongsangbuk-seven tributaries Farming Association, Gyeongnam changnyeon Bethel Farms, Livestock soft rock, Kyungnam Hapcheon Onnuri farm, Yangzhou game Micky Farm, Match Paju Roh Seungjun, Match Gwangju Lee Seok Hoon, Haetneundeyo incorrectly it announced Gwangju Gwangsan byeongpungsan Plantation

Above farmers instead of Asan Song Yeonho, Kim Kyungpook seven added entry, Gimjunghyeon, Park Wonsik, Gyeongnam Changnyeong Kim Miok, Kyungnam Hapcheon mungyeongsuk, Naju, South Jeolla clean farm, Chonnam Hampyeong Los Angeles junyoung, Kyungpook 10000000000000000 shares golden chair, It has been replaced by 10 places, including Kyungpook castle before net.

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