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Pesticides eggs

More amazing point called eco-farms than domestic pesticide eggs uncovered

The eggs are pesticides found in the country are shocked.

In the meantime I think insecticide eggs are just a distant country talk news that pesticides eggs are found in the country can not be not be a shock.

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food has announced that the 14th fipronil is detected at a farm in the Japanese pesticide residue testing during a game Namyangju for domestic eco farm hens.

Pesticides eggs

In addition, the laying hen farms Gyeonggi Gwangju that said non-pent-lean component is detected to exceed the reference value.

Chickens have to use insecticides to eliminate them butneunde many ticks.

This pesticide is found, the eggs of non-pent lean component found in the farmhouse is the reference value determined by pesticides used to eradicate the mites in chicken.

Pesticides eggs

But also the fipronil insecticide ingredients found in other farms the eggs found are banned for pesticide used to kill chickens in the cat and dog fleas ticks.

Pesticides eggs

World Health Organization(WHO)The liver when ingested over a fipronil, It has warned that is likely to be a long-term kidney damage.

In addition, non-pent lean over the reference value is also used to chickens should not be used.

However, it has been found in pesticides egg farms can not detect these components is not a shock.

Pesticides eggs

The shocking story than the domestic pesticide eggs

It should be further noted that more domestic pesticide eggs directly to these farmers 'eco farm hens'.

Pesticides eggs

People who buy the eggs than what the more expensive price than regular eggs to buy there is an egg the mark of 'green' in the idea of ​​safer food border

It was detected pesticides in the environment-friendly egg will show that are exposed to much greater risk for a non-eco-friendly egg.

Pesticides eggs

Eggs are used in all the food we eat.

All citizens enjoy all the beloved fry eggs from young and old men and women that egg mayonnaise is the main raw material 'bread', Eggs, so it is easier to find food such as eggs, sweets, do not use eggs than finding a food use, Eggs are one of the food and close our lives.

Pesticides eggs

Of course, this pesticide hoping eggs more just want to hug News not found where that is below the detection threshold is safe to eat that you do not see that this situation is resolved as soon as possible to pray that you do make it to the egg price hike.

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