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I will live happily married munhyeonah public letter in hand.

Munhyeonah reminiscent of a businessman and married seven years, Nine Muses munhyeonah from September 3rd wedding, Munhyeonah small private wedding ceremony in progress

Nine Muses who raises a wedding munhyeonah.

Munhyeonah raises coming wedding of businessman and three 3 September 7 associations.

Munhyeonah the age of 31 years because this year is the prospective bride's a 38-year-old


Munhyeonah wedding venue is known as the Cheongdam Bridge jyeotneunde specific place it did not proceed in small private wedding unknown.

I'd have munhyeonah wedding plans that will celebrate the wedding munhyeonah to chongchuldong Nine Muses All current members


2010Nine years Musica throw debut munhyeonah has gained great popularity as a sexy and powerful image of a 172cm tall.


6Munhyeonah activities in close to Nine Muses member left the team naturally as October last year, the agency Star Empire and the exclusive contract expired at the time.


Since I'm munhyeonah is continuing music career as a solo musician for the theater there in November, Creative kesong, It has also announced, including Remedy Take2.


Also, it's coming in November that it plans to announce the Nine Muses fellow members was Euaerin and a collaboration source 'rat'

Munhyeonah is haetneundeyo also spread the news to marry hand write directly through their agent Water


Munhyeonah have preached it was known in advance whether deuriryeo as the first time to start doing makmak was saying sorry to the fans exposed to the wedding news articles.



Munhyeonah will meet in September to meet life good values ​​and beliefs minute to go live your life more fun in the future. He preached, saying the marriage news.

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