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Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung blindness mentioned purposes and different interpretations explain yourself

Lee Jaeyoung missed rehabilitation team, Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung clarify remarks, Women's volleyball team, the 19th Asian Women's Volleyball Championship daechoe, Lack of team entries Korea

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

Women's Volleyball Kim Yeongyeong criticism of Lee Jaeyoung Lee Jaeyoung is awesome showed tears.

Women's volleyball team left the Philippines for the past seven days the 19th Asian Women's Volleyball Championship appearances.

Kim Yeongyeong Wednesday announced a state of mind about participating in the game did not fill the entry team in the pre-departure interview.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

Kim Yeongyeong is going to be really frustrating. "Again, the entry can not fill LE. The 20 games until the Grand Prix and the Asian Championships when neomneunde 6-7 people only main player beats the game to continue, "said," This is a bunch of players to have injuries can come when important jeongjak. The Grand Prix when the force is also seen Did not write the final nail in important. Other teams in the rotation packed the team with 16 people, we can not even fill the entry, "he preached.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

Following haetneundeyo mention the blindness of life Hungkuk Lee Jaeyoung athletes

Kim Yeongyeong "This tournament has had to be a Lee Jaeyoung came into the squad," said, "I heard you play the game in a team trained to digest fell this time. After all the talk about whether the ttwigetda only major tournament. But sanctions are not. When you do this, only to suffer suffer players, "he said the 19th Asian women had expressed their dissatisfaction for not joining the team, Lee Jaeyoung volleyball championships.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

In jyeotneunde is why I poured the criticism after the interview Are not you Lee Jaeyoung Lee Jaeyoung Kim Yeongyeong rejected the team drafted in an interview last month with a medium based on that said, "The rest of the training team training after every".


The Lee Jaeyoung has also say, "It seems the mountain means that there was a misunderstanding muscle strengthening and months rather than the normal volleyball training.".

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

Lee Jaeyoung is "No one has only been one week rehabilitation volleyball training you are now thought would go to the national team only give free" and "it is too cramped. Kim Yeongyeong to suffer like my sister, I want to play right away Taegeuk mark put by the national haetneundeyo explain that "


If you followed before the words "will allow you to focus on rehabilitation join the team as soon as possible," the pitch, the tears.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

In addition, his team Hungkuk Life Park Mihui director of Lee Jaeyoung is "Jae-young is the end of the last season was planning to join the national team failed to properly create the body after the training," said "Hong Seongjin director(Team)I talked to compete in the Grand Championship held next month. Yanqing seems Ido frustrating to say so, "he preached.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

But criticism has gone away anatneundeyo sheet was about to bring down Republic of Korea Volleyball Association website.


We have a serious situation where it became the official explanation Kim Yeongyeong through PPAP side in charge of their management

Kim Yeongyeong is "my opinion was, as well as management of the national team need to discover talent and to nurture seat system. The real name of Lee Jaeyoung was discussed during that describes it. However, this information is applicable to all players, including myself, as well as Lee Jaeyoung "said," As first reported the story differently next LE have been largely out of the interpretation and effect a different meaning, "he preached.

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

There is also a speculative article and malicious comments about the relationship than "Especially me to mention Jae Lee Jaeyoung is a blindness running. Bear sorry for Lee Jaeyoung blindness gotta mention received wounds. You better knock favor more speculative article and refrain from malicious comments stated that ".

Lee Jae - Young Kim Yeon-koung

In this 19th Korea volleyball women's volleyball team in the Asian Championships I'd not fill the 14 entries competed in competitions in 13 people, while rival Japan, Thailand is made up of 14 to 16 people Entry.

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