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Kim Gideok

Moebius Actress Who? Director Kim Gideok accused

Director Kim Gideok slap on the cheek of time shooting the movie actress Mobius was accused on charges of forced bedeusin.

Mobius Movie is a movie released in movie released in 2013.

Mobius is as twice the limit sangyoungga received the decision opening the cash received from the third juvenile Rating deliberations after the Korea Media Rating Board also released at the time of the story is the topic that would put much were the shocking scenes in the movie.

Kim Gideok

Mobius Movie actor Cho Jaehyeon, Lee Eunwoo, Seo Young-joo, Etc. gimjaehong appeared haetneundeyo

Previously these cast as the main character actress Mobius(Below Mobius actress)The actress is also iteotneundeyo that will have the charges against the director Kim Gideok.

Kim Gideok

According to Moebius Actress 2013 Cinematography time director Kim Gideok has claimed to have hit on the cheek to the ground that the actress Mobius requires empathy forced to shoot bedeusin were not in the script.

Kim Gideok

At the time the actress Mobius had returned to film in 10 years to meet the lawyer after the incident but the incident counseling afraid to be disadvantaged in the film industry he had preached eventually abandoned.

After the actress Mobius is that the cease activities after the midway stopover Shooting.

Kim Gideok

But Mobius actress I'd had this traumatic event corresponds to the time finally found the beginning of this year the national film industry unions were consulted decided to take legal action.

But director Kim Gideok side neundeyo us different facts and complaint

Kim Gideok

Movie Mobius has said he claimed was a movie that needed exposure and bedeusin forced bedeusin taken not in the script is not true.

Kim Gideok

Kim Gideok

Yet although true that the director Kim Gideok hit the Moebius Actress cheek, which was announced as director Kim Gideok thing happened with the postponement demonstration.

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