Kim Sa-rang jaywalking controversy it meoim

Actress Kim Sa-rang for the 26 am photo shoot through Incheon International Airport was traveling to London, UK.

Kim Sa-rang has appeared recently I Live Alone gained great popularity.

Kim Sa-rang is renowned indeyo minute fashionistas Today Kim Sa-rang airport fashion style also looks like an ordinary unpretentious

I would like sheen.

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang will match the black leather mini skirt seemingly ordinary white t-shirt and demonstrated Airport Fashion.

It seems plain white t-shirt is also Kim Sa-rang which I've Luxury.

In fact, the designer might guess..

Kim Sa-rang

Jaywalking controversial meoim Kim Sa-rang it..

Celebrities arrive at the airport and crosswalks from entering the airport's where mainly the camera flash from popping gijanim

Likewise was it even Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang

But there was a problem.

Kim Sa-rang Airport gonna have a look coming Kim Sa-rang walked captured while the crosswalk red light coming in from a piece of fashion

Kim Sa-rang just look at pictures and think but whether jaywalking

Kim Sa-rang

I'm real Kim Sa-rang and blue lights I started to cross the street photos were taken changed into the red before crossing the pedestrian crossing

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang
▲ starring Kim Sa-rang a minute and looks younger brother to live with myself..

Anyway skater Kim Sa-rang Everywhere seems to be the ultimate visual beauty.

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