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Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Korean mid attention

2005September started the month with a whopping 12 shows currently airing season to America's Best susamul criminal psychology Criminal Minds is broadcast in Korean.

Criminal Minds is insane, SOCIETE O path, Terrorists, including national criminal intelligence that targets the brutal criminal investigation into the profiling technique(NCI) BAU agent is an active drama of.

Criminal Minds is a dramatization of events to fit the situation and return to Korea reinforced the stories and dramas of the characters look familiar domestic drama viewing to the genre.


Domestic thrills to viewers enthusiasts, Criminal Minds can feel all the action, etc. are first broadcast on the 26th Korean tvN coming into criminal psychology susageuk.

So let's look at the Criminal Minds cast


Criminal Minds Lee (Gimhyeonjun Station NCI BAU Scouring agents)

Criminal Minds Lee has served as a leading field agents gimhyeonjun Station not miss this one spot where the Ghanaian ace or to the head or to the body one by SWAT teams EOD former enemies.

Tall, strong body and sad nature seogeulhan, The only downside is tough and full-blooded nature.

Front will be weak hadagado yeori not act like a macho world where girls are infinitely warmer ~


Childhood, The case also continue to occur and being horribly murdered girl judeon like myself then that one is left with the trauma, the police harass the gimhyeonjun.

With a diagonal of shocking trail of a serial killer investigation of historical truth it begins to emerge gradually and falls into chaos.


Criminal Minds Son Hyun-joo (Kang Hung Station NCI BAU Team)

In the Criminal Minds Son Hyun-joo is trivial gestures, Rub served as team leader Kang Hung Station to see right through the criminal trial of the only eyes.

Reason and emotion needed to reveal the culprit, Best Profiler know how to properly use the theory and practice times.

Team to integrate the team of profilers and deonjigon a word like choncheol acids are the key to solving the case, based on the insights.

Business principles Note, Sometimes it looks cool, the leader of the team truly stands strong and weak combines human face to a strong.

Unlike the seemingly stiff appearance due to the wounds of his childhood love for the family it is stronger than anyone.

The killer of huidae began to threaten the family to such anomalies, and the river is for the crisis.


Criminal Minds Moon Chae-won (Sunwoo Station and NCI BAU behavior analyst)

In the Criminal Minds Moon Chae-won and took on the role of Sunwoo dense and led the team with profiling anomalies delicate pass on-site analysis.

Other agents and disembarkation crying unjustly reconstruct the scene of the sacrificial victim stance and approach the back of the case when mainly from the perspective of criminal profiling.

Straightforward and resolute tone, Hwajanggi pale face is not cold at times but the Dodo for the case sincerely from the bottom of deep inner akbari character than anyone else and is doing the best.

The most prestigious gwonryeokga and only team from the law firm representing the father led the country for a thorough hiding his background.

It received several proposals from wotseon due to his background, Sometimes it is awarded the migration of power, but without any oysters curl knows his way so ttuksim Crush Aria.

New girl with joined Hyun while gradually approaching the secret of the murder while aware of the fact that his father is yeongeol the incident falls into shock.


Criminal Minds Wired (Nana Sulfur Station NCI BAU Information Agent)

In the Criminal Minds wired took on the best hackers Nana White Sulfur Station de facto age.

The information peering with multiple monitors was hiding tapping the keyboard tight Manda also be revealing look.

Unique Fashion, Love exceptional character, It is like vitamins which breathes life and vitality to the NCI team faced only grim daily events as the owner of an intimate nature and humor.

Boyigido mom looks like that sometimes bodeumeo team members with a warm heart, holidays and volunteering in psychotherapy meeting that target the team members sneak victim's family.

But everything except the opposite sex has nothing to worry about hiding the fact that you want to hide a secret from the past events and the opportunity to let Nana sulfur NCI.


Criminal Minds yiseonbin (Yuminyoung Station NCI BAU media personnel in charge)

In the Criminal Minds yiseonbin took on a spectacular appearance and excellent eonbyeon and information media personnel responsible yuminyoung Station fluent in communications based on the full calendar.

Prioritization of the received events and the role of agents and intermediaries in the media.

Joining the NCI team in charge of the media in the past, but an athlete who is currently studying hard to become a profiler.

The warm and mind is weak by nature to strive to maintain a warm and calm atmosphere within the team atmosphere, making it often difficult, sometimes heartbreaking stories of the victims.

Yuminyoung is increasingly presenting a decisive direction of profiling capabilities grow or sometimes going to solve the case and also to demonstrate the unexpected surprise around the fighting skills.


Criminal Minds goyun (Played station NCI BAU youngest genius agents)

Goyun is known that the more topical actors with the right party lawmaker Kim Moo-sung son.

In the Criminal Minds goyun took on the role of the owner, Han perfect video memory capable of reading one of the books genius IQ 187 pages remember that every six seconds a photo jjikdeut.

Alpha High-level walking to the analysis based on the extensive knowledge and objective mutator, This perfectly rational, but that, It is emotionally immature, like a child sometimes stimulate the maternal instinct of the team.

The look is getting back on his team through its relationship with other private and so his heart goes out secretly brought to aeteuthan for private.

Bulryeotjiman genius from childhood was happy, but life is different from others. Mother suffering from schizophrenia is with the guilt alone that put the mother you are admitted to a mental nursing home to nursing home have no fear of the illness of the mother would not let their genetic.


Criminal Minds Kim Young Chul (Baishan station NCI Director)

In the Criminal Minds Kim Young Chul has served as director of NCI Station.

It looks like a mentor to fully support the steel anomalies hand, is a Janus figure with a secret that he also checks and surveillance.

As the general manager to lead the NCI has a thorough commitment that overcoming the external pressure checks and any way be sustained Team.


Criminal Minds character relationship diagram



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