Seo Hyun-jin love yangsejong dual temperature of # # # yeongipa gwimul rookie

Seo Hyun-jin yangsejong The news reportedly been cast in a new SBS drama "temperature love '.

Seo Hyun-jin 'temperatures disappeared' yangsejong that appeared in September is expected to come with a subsequent broadcast drama of the last 18 days one OLD SBS drama 'My Sassy Girl' follow-up 'operation'.


Seo Hyun-jin is called yangsejong a drama writers Lee, Hyun - Soo station, the temperature of Love "is scheduled to take on the role of owner's Choice won a Michelin star Good soup.


Yangsejong is less than one year after the debut indeyo rookie yangsejong is very popular with viewers from watching the current OCN Drama Lee, Sung - Hoon take the station in a "dual" one of the three roles that are unlike a rookie I smoke a stable acting and visual Ongoing.


In fact, if it's not warm the hot rookie debut one year's rising trend However, one person learning to be daeseonbae and smoke show a remarkable acting skills not at all comparable.

Yangsejong haetneundeyo is also fit to breathe in the already dramatic and Seo Hyun-jin


Has appeared with in SBS drama 'Dr. Kim Blackwood romantic'.

Dr. Kim romantic yangsejong in Blackwood's giant hospital doyunwan son and has appeared as a friend of Yoo Yeon-seok.


Seo Hyun-jin yangsejong is not preached in the news that cast the "temperature love 'bilateral agency found that" not yet finalized the bar of the tune "not yet been confirmed this appearance.


When the two appeared together on Seo Hyun-jin yangsejong temperature of romantic love, two doctors gonna fit a second breath after Kim sought the jineyo wonder if I can show you some Chemie.

Yangsejong Seo Hyun-jin

On the other hand, the temperature of love 'is' Doctors', 'upper class society', Hamyeonghui of a writer who wrote "one warm word 'new, Coming September will come to the premiere broadcast 'operation' subsequent SBS drama that is 24 days.

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