Yui Gangnam devotees' best mate’ Raneunde dispatch photos?

유이 강남 열애 디스패치 사진 공개

Gangnam Yui yeolaeseol to dispatch'll try mopping.

  1. 14Sun 9:53 a.m. AP article released exclusively Gangnam Yui yeolaeseol
  2. Article published after 10 minutes is not a devotee Yui Gangnam agency official position announced
  3. 10:55 a.m. dispatch Yui dating Gangnam Photos Public

Tonight's Gangnam Yui says two people being released from three months devotees haetneundeyo AP

See the article I thought it was five to two people well eoulrineunde.

But yeolaeseol of celebrities yiraneunge's article he called the most minutes of mostly familiar acquaintance with two people hang pictures without a single car.

In fact, I did not even have pictures Yui Gangnam yeolaeseol Articles.

Only to stories that picture Yui Gangnam indeyo photos that look eating baeksuk Namhansansung in the photo it was also shot, and the general public to discover Yui in Namhansansung baeksuk house.


So after the YUI Gangnam yeolaeseol articles Press

The agency of two people it has a LTE-class fraud article is published after 10 minutes “It is not lovers” I said that.

The bottom line is that close colleagues.

But it was two yeolaeseol the conclusion of this time, cut public Yui Gangnam dating photos from dispatch.

Last 7 am to look for a hug from Gangnam then gave Outlaw Yui Yui take the car to enjoy the Gangnam Gangnam Yui dating in Sinsa-dong Gangnam January 78

In some views that between Yui Gangnam close colleagues……



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