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Kim Sa-rang

I live alone in front of Kim Sa-rang crushed barley storm muk-bang

I live alone in front of Kim Sa-rang crumple barley

Kim Sa-rang me this was mureo live alone in front of barley.

Kim Sa-rang is naetneundeyo self-admiration eating made directly to the elegant and luxurious breakfast in the past and live alone.

In today's program that I Live Alone Kim Sa-rang serves a barley storm muk-bang, unlike the last broadcast.

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang in earlier public notice is the look eating bibipbap comfortable clothes has been published.

Jun Hyun-Moo watching it is said that "ahninya you enjoy it too much," Kim Sa-rang was, but his fang-popping.

Kim Sa-rang is eating barley bibipbap made a reversal of appetite is called "I want to eat with my soup.".

Kim Sa-rang

I'm Kim Sa-rang and I'd usually say restaurant institutes semi-fixed member enjoys the academy teacher and frequent meals

I welcomed the teachers and said "impeccable undoubtedly know when to eat rice ~ and ~" Kim Sa-rang to bring back Kim Sa-rang every meal

Kim Sa-rang

Also see the revelation of the teacher did not expect all day Kim Sa-rang showed the appearance of a red state

"I do not like sweets by" Let's say that I have followed all nawatdago sweets suction tip

Also I Live Alone broadcast day I'd come to find a younger brother of Kim Sa-rang own house of Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang

Sister Kim Sa-rang enough to look superior genes brother also seems to be able to view.

Kim Sa-rang

In particular, I came to find Kim Sa-rang mother and brother own studio jugido Jun Hyun-Moo was a good laugh greeting neoksal pass the saying "Welcome mother-in-law.".

Kim Sa-rang

Elegant and doeneungunyo reversed muk-bang expectations of bapman knew Kim Sa-rang-line luxury food

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