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Man Must Die live

Yi Kang Ye-won discount shortcuts to die to live men also figures Relations

Actress Lee So Yeon This has transformed a hairstyle with exceptional shortcut for the subsequent sovereign drama die to live men '.

Cheap syokeot of Yi is known as the public comes still from the first broadcast a new drama that "man must die to live" through July 19 mbc.

Man Must Die live

"A man must die to live" for the appearances Yi is a small kingdom 1970s' side Fahd Ali, "the story takes place while crossing the Green appeared before Choi Minsu's daughter and son-in-law of Count jangdal waters with drama in the Middle East.

Before Earl Choi Minsu facing a property crisis on LOSE, and the story of the Count to regain their property.

Man Must Die live

Man Must Die live haebomyeon infer the figures related road information is Yi Choi Minsu(Lee Jiyoung B)I'd mistaken her daughter to be with daughter name it seemed like a mistake.

Man Must Die live

But the real daughter of Choi Minsu Kang Ye-won is(A Lee Jiyoung) is.

In addition, the husband is Kang Ye-won Shin Sung-rok(Ganghorim Station)In between the two, the daughter Fern week(EunB Station) There is.

But ironically, Lee So Yeon Choi Minsu was the daughter of illusion is starring Kang Ye-won between the husband and the affair ganghorim.

Man Must Die live

Man Must Die live characters

Choi Minsu (Chapter Dalgu station 55 years)

Man Must Die live1970The latter's disappearance went to the Middle East? Is a worker process died.

Later succeeded by the unique spirit and perseverance of the Koreans is the Earl of Bo Duan Tia Republic.

Chapter Dalgu with great wealth, but he is a person who married a princess of the kingdom was the only means to keep love away a life as a top 1%.

This chapter sets out to find his daughter Dalgu to prove the members can not be in the kingdom, not to marry the princess,.


Kang Ye-won (A 35-year-old wife, Lee Jiyoung Station ganghorim)

Man Must Die live1980Year heunhadi common name was Ji Ji is intact because the bulriji. This small Ji, 3The half-Ji, A two Jiyoung, Called a B.(Also it reminds the Oh Haeyoung think ^^)

Without lifting intimidated in any situation, self-centered and sleep simple and realistic myeonggwae.

Lots of tears, lots of laughs manjiman also lonely because her husband as being one hundred million years younger son seureopgo strong wife Cosplay.

Villa Upstairs has a SeaWorld house that all wives hate.

I did a drama writers still being practiced dream debut with the award already in 100 Sang Film Award.

Just sludge is returned to the Kingdom of the earl's father Ji lived such an ordinary life Maybe this is just a lottery..


Shin Sung-rok (Ganghorim Station 34, sinnara Savings Bank Representative)

Man Must Die liveTeller said natdago Take the handlebar of the First Lady.

Disgrace man first lady ...

Batdeon many girls in the eyes of the handsome face thanks to hanmom ganghorim are just there just live as normal a second financial bank deputy.

The imposing margin based yamujigo skills wife friends did not marry in the stomach hurts carefully blaming his wife had seureowotgo bureopgo regret.

For the very first time it eat the treat gum bad nyon woke play together for the very first time it took just to the scene to see father-in-law who lost.

But yiranda oil barons of the kingdom tall children. The thirty-life've applied directly drag-type lottery wife Rani Birth Is this a dream?


Yi (Treatment of the drama production team leader Lee Jiyoung B 35-year-old JJ Enterprise)

Man Must Die liveThe freewheeling itself. Others judge also dwitdamhwa also does not care which character I stop permitting

But the ability to sleep out in the sun Excellent eye for the industry scenario. In order to succeed is not going out without cover ways and means to choose only those that are eoulrindago judge their level if you want to discard cut dankal.

Because that might go crazy If you do not have a warm loving warmth meets dudeut man next to find a new stove off the hearth.

Ganghorim a man I met in that context, the way my father came back the protective oil in the Middle East.

That's not my dad was the daughter of Count How.

Called the name of his wife's father ganghorim.

The Yi is determined to become his wife Countess.

Man Must Die live


29One "die to live men 'is haetneundeyo released a teaser video via Naver TV and MBC official website

A little girl comes up to the line alone, Choi Minsu in the wide field.

Man Must Die live

Man Must Die live

Choi Minsu is I build a laugh olrimyeo hugged the girl flashed a bright smile For a while after the girl disappeared and turned into sand Choi Minsu is a picture of screaming and looking up at the clouds.

Man Must Die live

Choi Minsu must have seemed to many to climb two days bugeul bugeul attract watching "die to live men 'until they find the real daughter, Kang Ye-won.

Man Must Die live

The villain characters correctly, try to expect from Mr. Yi this "die to live men '.

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