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Okja to illegal distribution blocked opening the Big Three theaters

Movie okja is reportedly being illegally distributed at the same time opening.

29One midnight the public 'okja' through Netflix is ​​a state that is already being illegally leaked through various download sites.

Netflix said, "I know that the response team of Netflix is ​​that you are understanding the situation," he said balhimyeo "sad news in our position to respect those who are willing to pay a fair value for their efforts and excellent work of the creator.".


Movie okja, there has been a problem in theaters liaison.


Movies are usually premiered at the opening of the theater, and it is a common way to provide VOD services after the last 3 weeks.

But okja refused to 'okja' screened at domestic melti flex as the simultaneous release in theaters as 'Netflix' streaming video sites.


In fact, because he will be released simultaneously with VOD suffered a boycott in the domestic Big Three theaters.

The 'okja' was released on the 29th around a short pipe such as theater and arts movie theater in more than 100 nationwide.

( 영화 옥자는 넷플릭스가 100% 투자해 제작되었다.)


Movie okja 'is a super pig and human story of the birth of the Super Pig project is also a global company Miran other movies.

Meilan also is the Senor Victor Zamora Villa Cortona Tara, Chile's mate is also the company can not be a pig farmer in the arms of Mary and erosion are the 26 special pigs born to solve the food crisis in the world.


After the pigs in Australia, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Japan, It is raised with love and devotion a little touch of local farmers sent to South Africa and elsewhere.


Pigs came to Korea are housed for 10 years as a family at the hands of "mija" who live together and grandfather mountain in Gangwon.

Named 'okja' is the name given to the pork paste the mija.

But erosion is a super pig by the project, there is a pig taken to the United States after 10 years Green journey "mija" to find okja in the process of film.


The mija story you think people think the okja with simple ingredients and okja family-painted movie okja is the daughter of the 'tilde seuwinteun "which appeared in the films of Bong directed into second after Snowpiercer a US joint venture Movie billionaire businessman erosion also appeared as CEO of the company.


The attendance okja has been the 7,270,000 people is that I'm here for my analysis when watching a movie in the theater I can watch the 'okja' exterior received from the Big Three theaters attention emerge through the big table in the Movies app services company.

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