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State amine

State amine luxury garden apartment in New Town wirye

State amine luxury garden apartment

State amine unveiled a luxury house appeared on "Good Morning House '.

Note Amin haetneundeyo disclosure of quasi-point star in a variety of colors like a fashionista own house

The house has an interior that is calm and directing the difference to the main white and gray color eye-catching.

State amine

I'd like to share the home of Amin jyeotdago the height of households decreased gradually in line with the key height of a child at home it is likely told you can not help but return to the center of the child.

State amine

In particular, large yard grass crushed I wrote to a mistaken as normal housing apartments

Note Amin lived in the "34th floor apartment. The downed heart and nervous as when I see kids out into the living room windows in the price. House susomun had an apartment and then do not dare to use the garden, "he preached.

State amine

Then came the move a lot of friends around you that international schools and districts okay determine Director.

State amine

State amine house situated in wirye New Town is a 30 square meters room is 34 square beren The garden stretches in front of and behind the kitchen.

State amine

The amine can share with others one's married to Korean Americans live in the past three years, reminiscent of 2013.

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