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See devotees who are admitted must read?

Sistar Bora from(28) A big star-read(25)There has to meet the good feelings said he recognized the devotees.

Bora Bora READ yeolaeseol ahead after the first reports would put two people last July appeared on Mnet 'Hit the Stage "and the end of the program must read maeteotgo ties is that I grow earnest love

See devotees READ

Two people look for a car so go attracted a must read is that I'd get along without hesitation, especially in the music industry, you had to know someone you all know this is the relationship between the two.

See devotees READ

It also has separately arrived separately at the time of the last 19 presidential election on 9 May polls in the community center, but also the look out for each other, holding hands, as after waiting to capture.

See devotees READ

Behold then press READ yeolaeseol haetneundeyo recognized as an official devotees fact of two people

See devotees READ

READ Brave Entertainment's agency has recognized the devotee said, "After checking the information, reported today in the morning to pilrok confirmed the fact that the two of you meet with a good feeling.".

See devotees READ

Followed by "through Sept. program called the Stage OLD hit the first meeting developed into lovers come spend between seonhubae the Year" and "forward two minutes as colleagues, Please stay tuned to watch the way he preached warm eyes continue to be a pretty encounter as a lover. ".

Behold agency Hook Entertainment preached that "look has been maintained recently had a serious relationship or a must read and a good feeling.".

See devotees READ

Look not think he has to know a lot of people to Sistar Bora from then boyfriend 'must read' Who What?


'READ' Brave Brothers has led to a debut in 'Brave Entertainment, belonging 2012 album' Biggs'.

READ has also a history won a silver medal in taekwondo at the National Sports Festival and boys show off taekwondo skills through KBS 'The purpose of our neighborhood'.

See devotees READ

It is a must read music and held a private picture shows 15 days since last June 3 year degree in Fine Arts from the Arts High School, as well as showed a talent in art is to show the versatile musician View.

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