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Lee Yo-won Yui

Yui Lee Yo-won ballpark outing white way Man's War

Actress Yui Lee Yo-won is found alongside the ballpark.

Past 27 pm Yui Lee Yo-won, find the Jamsil Baseball Stadium was watching the match of the SK Wyverns, Doosan and Bass.

Lee Yo-won Yui

Yui Lee Yo-won is gonna entered into a relationship with the OLD one MBC drama "white way" in January

Lee Yo-won Yui

Earlier this year, the two men have also visited Yui Lee Yo-won, Japan Travel.

Lee Yo-won likes usual trip haetneundeyo also say "When a trip to forget everything you think you can just completely myself."

Lee Yo-won Yui


Yui Lee Yo-won's came I'd been to Fukuoka, Japan said, "was the first gangeon and colleagues was fun," Lee Yo-won was also talk about travel.

Lee Yo-won Yui

Yui, while the "white way in the press conference held at the time of the representative's shot white way(Lee Yo-won)Give and go along for daepyonim from the beginning of writing, such as waiting rooms, lots of shooting when he was followed to rest, "said" the fortress even to rest. Saying he has received a lot of love "was also deliver between Lee Yo-won and special.

Yui has also told, "And a lot of it around the word around Man's War grungy me to say that seolrenda reported breathing with daepyonim".

Lee Yo-won Yui

Yui Lee Yo-won reality, I think that'll leave two men Man's War

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