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Habaek bridal

Habaek of the bride Nam Joo-hyuk Shin Se-kyung Lim Heon - Song About Crystal figure

2017 Bride of tvN habaek this afternoon held a press conference on the 27th.

Bride of the press conference, the habaek PD Kim Byeongsu and Shin Segyeong, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lim Juhwan, crystal, Were twenty people attended, including.

Habaek of the bride is a work that attracted attention in the second half of this highly anticipated showcase tvN.

Habaek of the bride is a work painted the human world, the water god habaek 'and daedaesonson God kind of live Doctors ol' children 'in the dating romance.

Habaek bridal

Habaek bridal 2017 In contrast to the original contemporary drama and classic fantasy in comics is scheduled to hold a new setting and story.

Habaek bridal

About habaek figures of the bride

Habaek of the bride Nam Joo-hyuk (Habaek Station)

New water, The next king of hydrangeas, Emperor-elect of the New Territories

Habaek is a new born with a destiny to be the king of the New Territories.

The timing of the next king came ongrip habaek are three gods who live in a world where human beings come to accept the king's sign is engraved Trust, Biryeom, Mura, Visit a coarse.

But beyond the official gate in an accident of some kind, and fall in the wrong place is not even the gods can find habaek.

Habaek you will find a kind of divine family entangled in the 1200 agreement before reluctantly descended and to receive assistance.

Habaek bridal

Habaek of the bride Shin Segyeong (Pediatric Station)

Jingle Jingle paying off the light happiness 1st country to go to the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific island of dreams

Personal care pediatric psychiatrist sent a disadvantaged childhood because his father.

Despite discourage family and his father left the refugee relief efforts in Africa have not come back..

Light Gun tremendous father left!

Habaek bridal

As soon as the specialist depending on the force, thanks to his father to pay off the light, but the opening can not be re-commitment to something. Mechanical and soul care is not made to break away from the patient is a man saying that he is the god appears in children suffering life.

Habaek bridal

Habaek Lim Juhwan of the Bride (Descendants Station)

The common sense and fair and courteous owners of an accident on a lonely soul with a brilliant mind and a decent appearance.

Childhood was the foster son of the sister of the new president sinmijeong build up wealth and fame as a businessman in a short time an extraordinary capacity is currently working as a young and competent businessman Republic of Korea Berry won best way resort Resort Representative.

Habaek bridal

Habaek of the bride Crystal (Village Station)

A goddess of hydrangea is the owner of the first sinseok.

Of the nature of the human world is the management of a new hydrangea sent to the human world to manage water.

Heaven and all ye are dodo archaeological infant dokjon habaek as good as the owner of a superb beauty of it is natural to think about their own Chuang.

In the human world people are living the life of an actress Goddess hyera.

Habaek bridal

Habaek of the bride 0 people (Biryeom Station)

God of heaven

The owner of the second sinseok the god of heaven.

Articles that can be enjoyed in the human world, the management of the New Heaven dispatched to manage the natural sky in the human world to enjoy whatever your goal is to go to repose the most varied and fun as possible.

Only the best of the pole troubles thanks eyeing the curious and fun personality - maker

Then himself because twilji where judgments and decisions and then act as an unknown character feels naekineun.


Shin Segyeong of the bride habaek comment for the bride appeared in a long time after habaek 'Narsha yukryong the' 2015 return to the home theater also remain I think the

Habaek bridal

In the press conference of the bride habaek Shin Segyeong's "Like Nam Joo-hyuk's great expectations for deuramahwa the original rather than a sink rate of pay" and "setting called the doctor wanted to try to personally I listened to the very heart. In this way the process or trauma healing made gotta romance is so good I wanted to explain a little more challenging, "he preached a comment.

Bridal Fantasy Romance habaek dealing with the gods and the human story is July Mar 10 pm The first 50 minutes broadcast coming through tvN.

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