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Mr. Pizza gapjil

Mr. Pizza gapjil Jeong Woohyeon President resign

The Jeong Woohyeon chairman resigned as Mr. Pizza gapjil controversy.

Mr President Jeong Woohyeon one person pizza receiving the prosecutor to investigate the problem gapjil 'cheese toll, etc. resigned to the 26th MP Group Chairman.

Jeong Woohyeon President of the general public apology from the MP Bangbae Group Headquarters. President Lee's interest in Jeong Woohyeon "I keenly realized recently withdrew from the group, MP and chairman responsibilities for the investigation," he said, "I knock my fault due to injury for those who sincerely apologize.".

Mr. Pizza gapjil

He said that after "knock sincere commitment to the franchise as a corporate social contribution reborn as a win-win future through corporate management".

Mr. Pizza gapjil controversy

Before Mr. Pizza has seized on suspicion of "gapjil 'to collect the merchants and profiteers were searched.

Mr Pizza neundeyo reportedly fitted the company chairman Jeong Woohyeon brother's wife had cheese for supplying merchants with intermediate suppliers inflate the price collect the profiteers

Mr. Pizza gapjil

There are real merchants weeks can be supplied cheese to 7 million won per 10kg when the dairy companies and direct transactions middle nampum company is entering is under the suspicion of unfair supplied to 87,400 won per 10kg.

"Retaliation shops' problem of Mr. Pizza also being investigated.

Charija out the branches near the beginning of this year two thousand and game shop Dongincheon region is suspected of retaliatory sales in a way that heavily discounts.

Mr. Pizza gapjil

Also leave storekeeper are also under suspicion of pressure on the raw materials from receiving raw materials supply for pizza makers.

In addition Jeong Woohyeon president last August, embezzlement allegations that they embezzled the advertising storekeeper Nancy gotta raise, He was also accused of breach of trust allegations.

Mr. Pizza gapjil

As well as one touting dozens gwonssik book to merchants week to make you into best-selling autobiography doubt found.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chairman Pizza Jeong Woohyeon being investigated by police guards assault in April last year, bar one the general public apology.

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