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Lee Gyeonggyu ownership

Law of the jungle do not want to join owned gimhwan Lee Gyeonggyu 'hate!

The entertainment was godfather Lee Gyeonggyu joined the law of the jungle.

23One law of the jungle that is broadcast "Wild New Zealand, owned by the last member, Lee Kyoungkyu, The announcer joined gimhwan.

Lee Gyeonggyu have been packed jandeuk fishing tackle in the law of the jungle like a I'd really like fishing adhere to the usual fishing.

Lee Gyeonggyu ownership

Owns a fishing tackle from the first appearance of the Lee Gyeonggyu, Gimhwan the haetneundeyo appeared burdened by one

Lee Gyeonggyu are going from car in Girona around for survival complained, saying, "I hate hate" seemed to look huoe the law of the jungle appeared.

Lee Gyeonggyu ownership

Lee Gyeonggyu arrived whether survival was the first to challenge the non-smoking haetneundeyo sweat ppeolppeol try smoking fire.

Lee Gyeonggyu are "gonna be the first and last drops of sweat shed in the jungle. La Come take, "he said haetneundeyo ask the crew ...

Can this really the last sweat ....

Lee Gyeonggyu successful non smoking do not hesitate to end the ground said, "The program itself will not understand" made a moisturizer to regret the laws of the jungle appeared.

Law of the jungle ownership

Lee Gyeonggyu ownership

Owned haetneundeyo appeared behind YUI and Apink Jung Eun-ji

우렁찬 목소리와 터프 한 톱질 로 ‘와일드 걸즈’의 매력을 뽐냈다고 해요

Lee Gyeonggyu ownership

Also owned neundeyo cheokcheok did not work every try and do not stand still a moment

Gimhwan the appearance of such ownership has also say "knew what the boys on".

This week the jungle law somehow must see gonna happen.Okay

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