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Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang me and my brother lives alone attractive real reversal

Kim Sa-rang nahonja first real live debut performing arts appearances

The actress Kim Sa-rang and appeared on MBC 'I Live Alone ".

Kim Sa-rang live alone or have recently registered a new member rainbow after shooting.

2000As the years selected as Miss Korea Jin put a foot in the showbiz Kim Sa-rang movies, drama, Although the appearance like entertainer appeared CF is "I Live Alone" is the first.

Kim Sa-rang

1978Born Kim Sa-rang is an actor who still love being with good looks and attractive figure for the age group that does not believe.

Drama "Rage of Angels", "Thousand Years of Love ', "A Love To Kill", 'King and I', "The home of the legendary ', 'Tokyo, Yeowoobi ',Secret Garden "by Kim Sa-rang appearances, etc. are not received significant attention compared to the popularity of the drama.

Kim Sa-rang

JTBC after five years in 2015 serves delicate and high-density smoke while returning to "love the East" Meanwhile, Kim Sa-rang and showed the different looks he received rave reviews for viewers.

Kim Sa-rang

In particular, Kim Sa-rang's Celebrity haetneundeyo balhigido it had no entertainment networking acquaintances and Kim Sa-rang actual fact is that.

Fans of Kim Sa-rang were balhigido that this is part of the cause is not well cast coming.

Kim Sa-rang usual shoot clothing catalog, Launching ceremony of the luxury brands, The danindago service activities.

Kim Sa-rang

2011Kim Sa-rang Park this year was French with two people after the scandal came to shoot the ad gyeolhonseol.

2013In jjirasi year securities was also spread rumors that the two men to the wedding in September of that year.

Since Park Jiseong is recognized as a devotee gimminji announcer and talk to Kim Sa-rang Park Jiseong is recognized as a devotee in June of that year press conference, said, "Sorry, gotta give it hurt unintentionally" it was also.

Kim Sa-rang

I Live Alone Hwang Jiyoung PD is about Kim Sa-rang starring "Star unexposed lots from the arts and the candidate wore always on the list because the actress counted as a typical wannabe women," said "look like in the house diary again wearing any clothes meokeulji some foods, such as the star was very anxious, "said a public relations background.

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang is listening to the advice of Daniel Henney who appeared to live alone or without entertainment experience under the appearances suggested I'd buy that for a long time ahead of myself worrying that it decided to appear.

It looks gorgeous with actress Kim Sa-rang everyday I'd say it is free and easy

Kim Sa-rang

As you once did not disclose the home of Kim Sa-rang and published also show decent cooking skills while Kim Sa-rang.

Kim Sa-rang

Also, I'd like to visit boyeojundago younger brother as the appearance of a real brother and sister younger brother of Kim Sa-rang's Kyungwon University Department of English Language and Literature from 2009 185cm with a big key in the year mbc drama "Cinderella Man’ And he has also starred in the movie "I Saw the Devil '.

Kim Sa-rang

I'd say this, or lives alone can see the many different reverse look on Kim Sa-rang is expected to look like boyeojulji.

Kim Sa-rang and will be broadcast live in the coming 23 days alone 10 minutes 11 pm.

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