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GMO if the Turkish domestic market can not be exported

If you do not know, why I did eat GMO?

If the domestic brands Best 10 GMO was detected in two of the five-party products.

In the last 13 days PD Notebook broadcast it was broadcast for the GMO, if.

Wednesday broadcast aired the position of the company and the situation surrounding the GMO GMO that has been detected in foods eaten daily on the topic of GMO and lies.


In Korea, if GMO labeling is complete is not yet properly implemented.

He said for the last 2014 years the FDA has indicated GMO foods obligations FDA at that time that "from domestic GMO agricultural products, etc. There is no because the only use products that have passed a rigorous safety assessment approval required to be marked all just because of GMO" revealed.

But gotta GMO has been detected in South Korea if trying to export to Turkey in 2014 had the amount being recovered disposal measures.

At the time the crew had asked to GMO detection tests for the TOP 10 sales if the market were distributed to collect the TOP 10 again in April this year, it requests for GMO detection tests.

The GMO was detected in the two companies 5 products.


But if those companies are haetneundeyo horse it does not use any GMO raw materials in the manufacturing process

So how would one go if the GMO is an out?

PD sujeop crew ryeotneundeyo know detects the fact that the company for the GMO, but if that company has to adhere to the principle stance does not use GMO ingredients.

But if GMO coverage during the vendor has corrected the contents of "" and adhere to the Non-GMO policy in the context of "do not import / use of GMO ingredients, GMO haetneundeyo edit the text on the home page.


In addition, the vendor has revealed the fact that the food security sponsored by the Korea Foundation for the promotion of GMO safety.

Korea Food Security Foundation, sponsored by the company that is the foundation for the promotion of GMO safety.

Currently, consumers have is not fully implemented GMO labeling is a situation that can not be displayed on food labels to determine the GMO.

GMO is?

GMO SMS (Genetically Modified Organism) In general, increasing production by genetically modified agricultural products or distribution, For convenience in processing using a genetic engineering technique, The interest of the agricultural development so as to have a genetic trait or can not appear in traditional breeding methods.

2014In the GMO it has been detected in Korea, if you want to throw exports to Turkey was the total amount collected and disposed of.

Why the Republic of Korea?

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