Why should the Japanese naval movies reactions movies

USS also can resemble the shape of a warship road called USS do you like Island of Japan.

Movie warships also is drawn to stories of Koreans who risked their lives trying to escape after being forcibly drafted to the Japanese occupation also Japanese naval movies.

Hwang Jung-min, Jisub So, Lee Jung-hyun, such as the appearance and warships also have a supervisory director Ryoo Seung-wan is the net production cost 22,500,000,000 4,200,000,000 marketing costs, The work is produced by a total of 26.7 billion won.


USS also Synopsis

1945Years of Japanese colonial rule Chapter Peninsula Hotels Jingcheng villains 'corundum'(Hwang Jung-min), Daughters 'Sohee'(Gimsuan), The one wrinkle Jongno japdeon fist 'Chilsung'(Jisub So), Integrally praised been through all kinds of hardships "later years"(Lee Jung Hyun) Including two warships headed fooled the road to the end that you can make money in Japan.

But even warships was "Hell Island" to force the Koreans were drafted into the exploitation of workers gwangeopso.

In Korean warships also have the risk of a gas explosion at the Daily Face of the seabed 1,000 meters deep and suffer from labor.


How corundum want to revive all Gulf daughter Sohee is focused favor of Japanese management, Chilsung the last years has endured a painful day-to-day lives in their own way.

The end of war belong OSS independence forces 'Mooyoung'(Song Joong-Gi)Is a major personnel rescue of the independence movement infiltrated the secret warships also.


Global war on the US bombing started and defeat dakchija in front of warships also gwangeopso intestine Japan Mooyoung noticed it even warships to try to blow up the whole to cover all the atrocities committed against the Koreans are corundum, Chilsung, The decision also agreed through the last years of his life, including both Korean and naval gun and starts to escape their lives.


USS also is a symbol of Japan's modern history

A small island in the ballpark also two warships also amended in 1974, Japan's first concrete apartment, school, shop, hospital, Theater, Barber was such a place, which boasts a population density of 9 times that of Tokyo lived more than 5,000 people.


But this splendor there back, the dark past is the fact that most of the workers who worked directly on the warship was also forced Koreans drafted.

The Koreans were forcibly drafted more than 800 122 people died during the forced acceptance aspect 1.6m 7-8 people in an area the size of a tatami mat piece has suffered the hard work in two shifts by one day 12 hours.

Among those who committed suicide unable to endure labor, The man escaped and drowned in common.


But the Japanese government had promoted the facts about who the mine workers and the working process is completely hidden while "a symbol of Japan's industrialization, but also highlighted to the warships 'World Heritage' has been listed as a World Heritage-listed awesome.


2012CNN selected in the warship also named one of the "world's seven goose bumps where 'is located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan is a very popular tourist destination beyond the seat of the boat going to the island unless the current reservation.


USS also Japanese films of response

Japan's Sankei newspaper about a movie director Ryoo Seung-wan warship 'USS movie is false revelations, putting the nonsense that fertilization.


Sankei newspaper "Korea was opposite the UNESCO World Heritage of maseom you like to mobilize the public and private sectors, The film is part of the movement, "he said" are false revelations. Auschwitz and was called different ".


In addition, he said, "I did not have a Korean boy miners in Japanese coal mines during the war know if anyone stakeholders".


While we may not be seen both hellish life of a road movie warships to Japan at the time because the island is also one hell paved with false warships forget the truth and the pain of our grandparents movies warships also is the movie I think you must see.




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