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Daegu bananas

Open in Daegu General banana homes

The most popular fruit bananas grown in the natural world was held in Daegu.

12Days 'cod is now' banana was held in private homes to the general Facebook posted a photo with the article.

Banana is used as a staple in Southeast Asia and Africa,.

Daegu bananas
▲ Daegu bananas – Open banana on the plain homes

Since prehistoric East Africa and spread to the Pacific Ocean it is now being grown around the world.

In South Korea since the 1980s grown in Jeju and elsewhere am

Daegu bananas
▲ Daegu bananas – Open banana on the plain homes

The past is expensive, I thought as a precious fruit Until the late 80s, I hit the shore at the time of the banana one is ten thousand won more than 5 to 60,000 won level for the current.

After a while import liberalization with pineapple because of the Uruguay Round in 1991 it became the common fruit that can be eaten twenty-four prices tumbled as easily as some one hundred won per cluster.

Daegu bananas

It is the heat of Daegu I was indeed famous, but tropical fruit is a banana held in Daegu is amazing.

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