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Flaming Youth gimbuyong join "in the abundance of poverty '

Forgotten artists gimbuyong fiery youth to join "in the abundance of poverty '
Gimbuyong should join as a new member of the Flaming Youth.
Who can say that he is a singer gimbuyong? I think you think

However, as 'wealth in the poor' will be, "Oh, that song.".

90The late 'abundance in the poverty' is indeyo song gained a sensational popular singer that sang in the abundance of poverty is the gimbuyong.

Gimbuyong has appeared in the past Sugarman was also to spend time with the fans singing 'in the abundance of poverty' in 13 years.
Gimbuyong time is I have a clarification about when a sudden peak of popularity that was lost

Gimbuyong is a contract that was the original actor did not sing.
Gimbuyong is "suddenly changed live mainly in the music program at the time of the lip-synching," said "hadeora embarrassed by a lot of mistakes," he preached that "later became a forgotten singer then went to the army came to the shock of panic disorder.".


Gimbuyong sikimyeo Whitman is a "poverty in the richness' in 1996 gained a great popularity.
Gimbuyong singer will stop at the end of 2000 and to open another Men's Clothing Store "by parts" his name has been operated by private business.

Sugarman has also appeared at the time to say that they are ready to love camping camping business.Gimbuyong

Gimbuyong the boyeojulji to look like from the burning fiery youth to manhood already become curious gimbuyong starring is broadcast coming 13 days.

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