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Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo admire the amazing professional pilryeok

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo is becoming a hot topic.

As the last nine days tvN 'not to know the mysterious trivia Dictionary futile' appeals yiyuseo spark Rhyu Si-min of the artist in the hot public interest in the appeal Rhyu Si-min yiyuseo.

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

Rhyu Si-min has been implicated in the so-called 'political faction Seoul National Incident in 1984 and saw a subsequent appeal, Rhyu Si-min yiyuseo got sentenced to six months' imprisonment one year at the time Rhyu Si-min had the right to appeal yiyuseo in prison also returned to college students as well as a judge at the time.

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

Wednesday Rhyu Si-min said, "I saw no one beat Avenue," said "are caught by detectives meet him dragged out slippers. Itdeora gotta say that I wrote a statement confessing that not even the main culprit, "he explained at the time.

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

Rhyu Si-min has said that "it took about 14 hours to write an appeal yiyuseo" he said, "yieotgie elaboration is impossible until it stood by heart all the sentences and Chinese".

Following preached that "lying on the prison put all the sentences in my head from the first sentence to the last.".

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

Rhyu Si-min's "lawyer reported the appeal yiyuseo is' Read Bora earlier wept a little return alone, and gave it to my sister that spread are copied." He said "After school seniors are always a few years free subcontracted go often referred to days writing during that time I think I'll be able to eat and live I use a post that preached the idea that ".

그럼 유시민 항소 이유서는 도대체 어떤 글 일까요 여러분도 한번 읽어 보세요~

Rhyu Si-min of Appeal yiyuseo

[I support]

The defendant was sentenced to April 1, Seoul offenses imprisonment for one year and six on court penalties, including acts of violence in southern support this appeal 1985, Submit an appeal yiyuseo as follows:.


The first defendant is the purpose of this appeal, the aeso gwajungham of First Instance sentenced to jail terms or claims his innocence(Whining)Obviously that does not have to reveal to leave party. The appeal is just the fruit of the efforts of progressive human being obligated to aspire to better society than moral. In addition, the defendants can not even think you want to know do not know that it is implied that any debate on the first trial verdict.

This is because as the criteria for judging the legitimacy of their actions is that with the interest of the defendant not measure God-given conscience law is not man-made. As the defendant does not have specialized knowledge of the law, if at that rightfully legal process to operate community forced build up their life over rustic faith riraneun never happen can happen day on which the command of conscience stand on law and mutual antagonistic contradiction I had no doubt would be the same.

Man and man, All acts of violence occur between human populations and the human population is currently in its social and political in nature·social·At the same time a reflection of ethical standards is one of the regulatory factors that determine it in the future. Thus, the Act on the Punishment such acts of violence '(Hereinafter referred to as the Act assault) As the prosecution to suspected violation of this defendant convicted in the first trial related to his case of any political society·social·A reflection of the moral state and, Also I think that the obligation to reveal clearly the ethical responsibilities of individuals and groups associated with the event and at the same time identify will have an impact on it in the future.

We were ten thousand and one community of young university students detained the 'gaettongyi and dung from cattle dung are the unfortunate incident were assaulted other young men of the same age Assault. So was the punishment 'is the only heunhadi If you do not learn the lessons of common expressions shall it would not be called yamalro greater tragedy than the event itself.

In short, this appeal is yiyuseo, Unscrupulous individuals and groups have the moral warnings, People who violate the law for the legal sanctions, And the people buried in the false propaganda'll have referred a petition requesting the court to give a baptism of truth. The defendant was repeatedly geoniwa identify 'responsible' 'duty' vocabulary of 'negligence' so as not to be discussed in this article is the law when used without any special modifiers, As before it is perfectly OK to be deemed a modifier of "ethical" or "moral" it is omitted. And I use the word or phrase you want to say witjeom has given the defendant particular strength.

The defendant first define the incident(definition)And then described it then, In relation to the incident, students and the current government(Was in the light of the basic principles of liberal democracy that the defendants believed in using the word 'Fifth Republic regime to the government rather than to indicate that not have the legitimacy and authenticity) It wishes to achieve the purposes of this article, by analyzing the actions taken by each.

This event is a 'political faction, Seoul National University College case "by students, The 'outsiders SNU assaults "by the government and the mass media or you are simply referred to as the" Seoul National University Lynch case'. In such cases the name difference is both yes, but it is a phenomenon that means that, unlike all the time watching the incident Li is the essence of the event itself has changed manmuhan days. By definition the case in the objective position in which this defendant can "mutually hostile heightened tensions between the regime and the Academy campus wind, The arrest of four students received a fake sources alleged that the investigating authorities a number of SNU students·In the course of investigation, Or a case adding little or severity of violence '.

In order to clarify the "mutual hostile tension between the regime and the state institutes' We are trampling on April democratic revolution that established the first military dictatorship in the land 5·16 Bandokjae democratic struggle of a military coup after the students spanning over a quarter-century movement hyeolsa(Blood History)In addition, the foundation will look at the four institutes repression of the dictatorship, which has been heated, but, Considering that the article is an appeal yiyuseo, 1964- Japan diplomatic struggle against humiliation of '65(ensign 6·3situation), 1974Mincheonghakryeon years of struggle, 1979Years to geuchigi came to point out the fact that there are countless struggles wisihan the Busan Masan bandokjae people's struggle, Formed a key part of the current government will be established as a de facto military coup view only look after the situation on December 12 a seizure of power in 1979.

Now the economic contradictions of our society, Social conflicts, Political corruption, Cultural decadence both gestation in the past under the dictatorship of the Restoration·Developed by the ones achieved more rapid growth under the current regime. The current government is trampling out the hope of all the people managed to escape from the clutches of the Yushin dictatorship was optimistic the Democratic restored to gunhwabal, 5·17 Use the 'army of people "armed defense of Gwangju citizens with taxes and public donations to embellish the protest pokgeo a bloody power that emerged in the course of indiscriminate slaughter.

The current government is morally bankrupt are already in power, even before the formal launch. The current government says 'new era' field, Blatantly·Beast of the Constitution by the Yushin dictatorship bunchil of all kinds of brilliant colors, And by forcing the people under threat of chongkal only formal legality and the 'new era Restoration' it was, albeit to take, "Define what they say(justice)'Section' means government urged "a small number of military forces and, "Welfare" that they advocate is the horse, which means "the pleasure of the person, including the monopoly tycoon.

'Economic growth', ie to the development of capitalism 'inefficient' various democratic institutions(Separation of powers, party, Union, Free Press, Free assembly and association) The ideological tendency to try to dispose of, such as we call it Fascism. And due to the collapse of humanity towards the end of the fascist countries such on a large scale war provocations and defeat missing in the disaster yeotgeona, Profound political to its citizens, even if the most adorable thing·Way as the modern history of this century that a suicidal one with internal power struggles forced the economically bankrupt has proved. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Militarist Japan is a typical example of the electronic, Franco's regime in Spain, Chile had overthrow the legitimate government and the emergence·Military regime in Argentina, Marcos regime in the Philippines, something that until now you've destroyed the Yushin system, and an evening showing signs of significant disruption is definitely the latter being typical.

The state, not because it is a national, The honor, because it only provided the conditions for free to all members without interfering with one another to pursue happiness and self-realization. Over the past few years, Labor activists demanded the minimum conditions and the struggle for human life, Religious conscientious efforts to realize the kingdom of God on earth, Journalists and professors who take the sufferings for the truth and the truth, And the young daehakin stood in the vanguard of the democratic politicians who have longed for the restoration of democratic institutions, as well as one Because the immoral and violent and undemocratic banminjung, If the conditions under which people can freely hear reports say has claimed only one week may not even be the current military dictatorship so honorable a representative of our country that can not be maintained. This is because our people believe that the qualifications and ability to have a more democratic government.

However, the current government has 12·12 After the military coup arrested whopping 1,300 students with various charges for four years, it was conscripted force while at least 500 people to 1,400 people dragged the expulsion directly to the barracks in police cells. As well as laying the watchtowers on the campus every corner of the academy has sought to mobilize unprecedented repression while at the same time as it resides in the civilian criminal riot insufficient staff to. Yet no one ever admits this fact even once, 1982Even when the agency won that year woke a spectacular event being forced to harassment from a self-proclaimed gunmen calibration young girls it happened, Highest-ranking police officials, "no two days were the resident police officer on campus about the parliamentary inquiry Global Government. I found the source of the rumors balbonsaekwon I will, "he answered calmly it is about hayeoteul.

Regime currently flavors hakwonga, In particular, distrust and hostility toward the police is just one of the institute repressive and harmful effects caused by the chronic administration of such a lie gwonryeokcheung.

Shepherd boy lying in a fable but ceased to bear little incident lost sheep, Note yuwang(Zhou You Wang)The beauty Posadas(Like praise)It added a false beacon was an opportunity one day felt in the midst of war for over 500 years since the entire Chinese mainland to entertain. But the wise man if anyone shares to vulnerable people and devastated the village Barbarian oemyeonhan the cry of a shepherd boy(week)Do not say foolish princes of the royal family placed alone. If you do not want to believe the student claimed distrust even ssunda the Meju Beans regime is indeed Would Whose responsibility?

Moreover, savage and vicious repression School was causing resistance survived the universities nationwide, As a result, many students lose their life so difficult to fathom having to serious injury or Suspended. Kim Taehun also said only, Seoul National University, Hwangjeongha, Three young lives that have been sacrificed and the like Han Huicheol.

Such a situation is beyond the so-called liberalization measures in December '83 weeks wires(Main fronts)I go to the school gate has been continued virtually unchanged, except for one thing, In particular, in September last year, inspectors academy of law enforcement agencies was further strengthened by the Students' Union after the resurrection, In front of school gate checkpoint search, Due to such arrests followed and forced the hostility between the two bars are also heightened an unprecedented. That will was being "hostile tensions between the school and the regime" is still ongoing, even after the so-called liberalization measures.

This event is an unexpected life events just fake student under these conditions, occurred almost spontaneously because the act might be the source of the allegations that law enforcement agencies. The subject of these suspicious incidents and Lieutenant elapsed because it is already in the bar but found the need to Jaron, Here we shall help some clarifications about the bogus students.

Whether the fact that the sources they are obviously extremely important to resign political interest, but legal case·The problem is that the distance and ethical aspects. because, Students arrested·Incarceration·It is because it was never investigated or assault a "fake student informant allegedly being" not fake or mere student sources, There is no research that they can be justified, even by assault was sources, Also not to be said because it is not the students of any behavior that all unjust one. The defendant is not Jaron about this problem is by just this reason, and not because they think they are not the source of information.

Number of fake students disguised as students in various purposes and roam the campus, These are the so-called enlargement·The jonghaphwa at the university today, Graduated jeongwonje·Bar relative evaluation system and various institutions in order to embellish the dictatorship devoted to collective training school of professional features that are only interested in the one criticism of the university community to live well the real attack devised one body caused, Atomization of daehakin·As the human population antisocial parasitic on campus after a dehumanized phenomena such as isolation, Theft taking place on a daily basis at school·scam·Harassment·Secondary activities of the school inspectors(If you like sonhyeonggu) As that signed by a complex related to the presence amjeok create a wide range of distrust between the university and destroy the culture of a healthy community college.

That the current regime is that they can pass on not only to destroy the unity of daehakin responsibility to those with even the numerous problems caused by a plainclothes police officer residing on campus(Like when girls molestation case) Because the benefits will come to the sidelines or promotes flooding phenomenon of bogus students. So two days students do not even need to have any aversion harboring the usual way describe these.

They, These are fake, Or a small statue of the rally Iing, Or in the library, Office of Law at the University of, In the classroom, If you openly posed as a student woke blown while gathering information about student activities, activities, Would this law is afraid to be ethically correct to condone it? In the hostile atmosphere of mutual, The investigating authorities suspected he would just sent them, What could happen to ask the status of the investigation fake student accused of being the source of information can take place?

As well as the calibration of the University of the hundreds of thousands as before, as well as conduct inspections because it is an open secret location information·Also plainclothes police beating all attend even if the correction would not have it at all illegal acts. However, the defendant did not hear the words of this behavior that morally desirable. On the other hand substantially resistive behavior by students of any of these immoral practices also institute repression, Although it is ethically right thing, It will become apparent violation of the current legislation.

Right to social justice if laws are not mutually antagonistic contradiction of conscience occurs inevitably be present in the here. Nobody's impossible to keep everyone in this situation, law and conscience,.

Indeed the case, the entire society, The course includes the university community, Immediate political·The students focus on the social representation of the contradictory claims is a right based on such grounds.

Although the law has the power to force his conscience does not. The law temporarily, but relative to conscience is absolute, 0 won. The law is the conscience, but man-made is from God. So, the defendant followed a conscience. It is because the more important one, not because it does not matter one law-abiding follow the commands of conscience. All students, as well as the defendant, We did not only in the case in which the events of the previous.

Last September,, 10A series of events spanning between one and so is what happened. However, the case itself is not very complicated as minhan seouldaesaeng of our protest events, Expulsion of the main student leaders·Restriction, Daegongse of the regime and the media for "violent anger of the student movement", Test drive a severe shock, such as Seoul National reject struggle and has committed massive police, You ildanrak bar by the convicted defendants denied the statute of the fact that almost the entire.

Exit events next September 28, All hakdo hogukdan student body growth and Baek Taeung minhan belatedly by the president, such as a part-time student sahoedae a political faction events Chairperson Oh Jae-young group map Our protest is spontaneous·Disorganized it was intended to elevate the events into an organized struggle to criticize non-democratic regimes and inspections of immoral School. Even enemies of the law students in the process of investigating the bogus students·Even if there was a moral fault, Thus it can be covered in a separate political issue of the presence of the school inspectors because it is not one, This struggle is the defendant was an entirely legitimate act itself is considered.

Funny this thing the next day, September 29 evening,, The school Lee Jeongwoo·Baek Giyoung·Baek Taeung·Oh Jae-young, such as the expulsion was disposed of four key executives to blitz 'Union, The defendant was arrested after being forced to 9 without a warrant on May 30, police restraint Hao received several days of investigation.

The defendant has not been arrested because the first did not flee in advance, Because I did not feel the need to escape and, I did not feel the need because there was no mistake as to escape one. The accused police·In addition to any modification due to the limitations of the investigation and during the court stated in memory of the prosecution minor errors·There was no reversal also is a bar following the only told the truth as.

Anyway Seoul floodlights Commissioner Doha each newspaper for the results of the investigation by the so-called 'outsiders SNU assault' on October 4·TV·It was announced on the radio, According to him incarcerated for four outsiders·A series of events Iing Council representative was present defendants and students representatives assaulted was agreed that intentional and systematic jyeotdaneun created under their. However, some of the police arrested at least prior to October 4 students(Including the defendant) There is no bar, no one might give a statement to support the presentation, After the written arrest warrant·Gongsojang of students and related papers will decree that all made in accordance with the basic lines of this announcement, If the look reviewing all of the documents by date, Whose eyes are everywhere apparent one.

The police announced on October 4, contact the essence of a word is distorted for political purposes seedlings·Chimsobongdae·It is just a hoax distortion. Its purpose is different, not by slandering the student movement with violence-oriented activities destroying the political nature of this case is of course that you want to cover up the brutality and immorality of the current regime itself.

To achieve this purpose, this event disorganized·Not accidental, It must be made systematic and deliberate by the representatives of student organizations. That way, as well as some related students as a way to slander the entire student movement.

So chapter 'Union, Hakdo hogukdan student body growth, Political faction events Chairperson, Iing Council representatives, etc., That he would be the easiest prey for propaganda, regardless of what actually did a specifically human and which acts.

Of course, this approach is not merely one followed the same old tricks on a cliché to speak whenever there are opportunities for dictatorship spanning the last decades, It is not nothing new. And consequently the current regime while substantially blocking the activity of the leading cadres of the SNU student council had just launched, 60The extent to which undermines the integrity of the students can not only smash hit also by mobilizing the army exercise appears to be successful. So even seem like a self-satisfied himself that no moral existence would have been able to taste a little.

Prosecutors and also raised the statute of only geupgeuphayeo accompanied by incendiary information to support the release of the police, rather than one that reveals the truth, Only it has to stick to it. After the incident in the last one month are more in November last year, Gwanak police Scotland Yard detectives Kim Dohyeong·Only list >> innocent student groups such as a false confession that matches the statute by the fact that the severe torture, Borrowing an expression of their detectives 'squeezed' is the fact that the evidence. That is squeezed by the police tortured the students concerning the evidence that the defendants violated the "assault laws' violation of the very 'assault law'. That did not even squeeze eojin the fact that false confessions are accepted as proof of this great body of "equality before the law 'issue remains.

Because it did not have any legitimate ethical basis of conscience as the "Assault Act, unlike in the past, current and urgent action 'Assembly and Demonstration Act, there was no need to feel the duty of obedience is to be observed, and, Also I think that can be traced law.

However stamped lies in the unequal before the law in accordance with the political views of the current government position. The defendant, But I do not know who to blame gwamun, Assaulting students habitually·Criminal Information Department of the university in front of the police to torture him because they were in violation of "assault law" criminal prosecution is not even similar stories are never.

But last May 19, On the way home was to attend the 'democratic movement youth union "the Gwangju Uprising victims memorial rally organized by, She woke when his expulsion a student while also considering the economic University student yigyeongeun wife's vows of the group's stillborn fetus kicking six months of the Dongdaemun Police Station hyeongsadae incidents happened, The couple has clearly revealed the law everywhere whose eyes that lie outside the protection of the. File a complaint hagoseodo, The prosecution is because you have not even initiated the investigation.

The defendants also have been battered in the process under investigation are taken to several law enforcement agencies, but this once or twice naebon never even dare ask for the protection of the law. But the defendants, despite two days without anyone even added a threat or assault has not have been convicted of pokryeokbeom. The defendant has deliberately As such clearance is only in the last twelve deulchueo, Bars that are often stories are intended to ventilate the presence of prosecution of political bias. That is the officer in charge of the case was also to point out that it has not nothing to do with the political machinations of the current government he said in front of the bar.

In conclusion, as most of the bars statute of the fact that the prosecution claims to support the event information, the police fabrications for ulterior political purposes, In the other hand by this administration and the media collusion and standing on a base of one-way bias it was widely disseminated, While on the other hand is filled with empty content is supported by a false confession of the relevant students squeezed through police torture investigation.

However, the defendant has ever student of the law of negligence and the accused himself exposed in this case·And fill it with a vicious regime aloud As such no means to avoid ethical responsibility.

Arrested on bogus students·Even if the investigation is justified ethically sonchi, There is no intention to justify adding to assault them. Detained for investigation are as short as possible and must not assault. As well as phenomenal as it boindago violence, but it is the essence belong to the area of ​​violence, Assault multi imposed a helpless person, although it is at the same time, the foot of the hostility that the reason for the police is that they will be judged apparently leaving behavior in the nonviolence of FIG though it imitates habitually on torture applied to students in the student movement.

Another party went ahead and added the violence they themselves will not bear the responsibility, though also the special political circumstances of the time made it difficult to value even if the hand was interposed, The students think that the expression of moral fault with.

But, Absolutely independent of his own assault case and the entire chapter and also student council at all there is no doubt that the relationship with Lee Jeongwoo Group is the beautiful acts that take themselves floating all liability waiver even Appeal, No one will willingly gave the space generated by the state does not want to deal with the violence of the ethical responsibility to some extent filled the defendants conviction.

The defendants, but also the fact that the words and actions directed or investigation(Because there was no need to tell), If there is a willing to do that at any time if necessary direct them to arrest·It is irradiated(It being illegal, of course I know well).

The defendant is in a position to be personally fulfilled in addition to the negative obligation to adhere to the principle of non-violence also actively obligation to strive to this principle in the overall level of the student movement can be pierced as the de facto representative of the Council of Iing. Thus, on September 26 the night of the copper issue, Jeong Yongbeom amount is being beaten while witnessing the spectacle hagoseodo clear to those present that the greater moral responsibility than other students accused did not attempt to restrain it(I do not know whether the legal aspects).

Also imsinhyeon, In the case of sonhyeonggu when confronted with the defendant in the case has already been detained and investigation is needed is not at all because it was directed to make any progress. But his was obviously also agree with the defendants detained for investigation, Another moment, albeit it violates the law because never wrestled on direct surveys and unmistakable facts, If you risk it is willing to accept.

However, in the case of two people, It is the best to stick to the principle of non-violence and brief imprisonment Available, Because of this fact, defendants have the principle of piercing does not feel any moral responsibility.

After all, a considerable degree of legal·This could have ethical responsibilities will be to behave like Lee Jeongwoo left the group to leave that to yourself, In addition, I believe that is not a bad one yieoteurira. However, because of the possibility of the accused and the fact that the other be the plaything of the intrigues of the regime too obvious, as already said it will not even matter how small, I will not ever admit was decided, In addition to work on that attitude it has legal battle. This will ensure that the defendant is responsible in his feeling, And that it needs to woogyeokdajim to default the realization statute fact is that it can be seen that by nature the plate.

In addition, the defendants what the political implications of the trial of this case is, To sameu the case in the wake of the moral progress of our society, I would like to say that the judiciary must fulfill the inherent ethical obligation.

The case is the mistrust and hostility between the accumulation regime and institute a background of fake student life did, But can be called nothing illegal took advantage of the incident by a clearly immoral behavior leads to information collected does not inherently immoral downright illegal acts of correspondence students.

The current regime in the past few years showed various immoral acts of - or kill hundreds of people reside while still on the false testimony of the police authorities to act within the police academy, Called on a beautiful sign that liberalization measures on continuing the voice of School inspectors(In this regard announced in detail in court) Acts of law enforcement agencies, Hoax not hesitate even a case for ulterior political purposes·Misleading practices, etc. - are just a different kind I sprout from the same roots.

But the trial is not intended to investigate the real cause of the incident make a prescription for him to punish illegal Sanya only part of the students' behavior problems. Perhaps the judiciary itself may not even know this way is intended to defend the actions of the Institute Boarding immoral regime. However detained for investigation while wholesale disregard the context of the post-war situation·Imprisonment and even(As part of the assault) Deliberation for one specified in the subject of criminal ruling, Now, I do not even two hours can not say 'Security and Intelligence Service declared a fake students' and ensure the personal safety of students and numerous fake sources to be roaming the correction for antisocial various purposes.

The defendant is never required acquitted on all students' behavior. Only that repeat es, Moral warnings about unscrupulous characters and must be applied as well as the legal sanctions for breaking the law and the parties, People buried in the false propaganda that it should have a baptism of truth, Without clear accountability of the situation is that according to claim moral improvement of all of us is not to be expected.

It is not legal because it is never a divine court, There is only because you can see the true face of the truth may seem to abandon the beautiful mask of false torn to shreds, sometimes ugly. Today, ten thousand days of the judiciary is defined muneojyeodo sky(justice)The sewoomyeo, Another definition is that the strong(The strong)It does not mean the domination of, 1Deliberations that have been buried truth in the trial process must once again be given a life the defendant believes. Otherwise, we will probably see that these events do not easily break down due to the increased dumping by the vines visible in the current rage over the barriers of mistrust and hostility that is another plus in difficult, Someday it will be sure a similar situation to explode into more intense form of encounter.

As opposed to the current government in the last five years, been convicted by a "divine court 'Righteous Judge" in the 1,500 prisoners of conscience have been imprisoned in all the crimes are without exception one person. Also in the restoration of the Beast dictatorship praised by so many people did not keep a bad laws "urgent action" was unprecedented in prison.

Press the emergency measure breaches also because it was an emergency measure violates nobody could even say that one. Lawyers who argue that because the defense is also constrained Suspended. Who claimed urgent action was now come, but by the righteous law, And then you become Ido although few people take the saying 'antisocial impurity molecules' or was a 'miracle agents', He made the court a "prisoner" is still remains high, it is sacred, and, It is said to have indicted and convicted Them Them prosecutors and judges still working for 'justice'.

If someone said, "Until now, our country has an outer surface of the judiciary, the definition", It "has been used as a legal cheohyeongjang of democracy" it is tteutil. If someone "Korean judiciary has established a definition until now," it says, And if he is truly serious human, He must "justice is the will of the dictator," and no one will firmly believe in human.

The defendant is not because deeply ingrained smell the blood spilled there danghamyeonseo democracy is killed, There is only I would like to receive a trial in the court of the divine in the sense that it can meet the true face of truth.

It is the defendant who is not such a degree that the judge convicted himself "in the definition of interest only to the extent that their position can not be shaken, eager yigireul wise, the sky is muneojyeodo establish justice, judges. And one says the truth. Indeed I believe as one to build a foundation for defining the settings.

The defendant on the basis of the above discussion will briefly mention why you can not robes in one simpangyeol. The defendants could not inhibit the truly sad feelings when viewed accept the verdict. Because it is almost irrelevant because the details of the incident revealed at the hearing process conducted over a whopping 7 times.

Therefore, because the defendant is so seriously imhaetdeon trial of the whole process is only likely to be decorated that no more than a worthless chireojin a formality in order to act belatedly realized that the upcoming ruling.

first, Claim 1 of the 'crime' of 'ruling the reason.' "······Pregnancy Prefecture····· Witnessed being beaten and, Defendants Rhyu Si-min has confirmed the identity of the statements above imsinhyeon to Buddhist students·Ever investigated and···"That part could not be satisfied even with the formal logic.

If proof of the fact that the student received instruction to the defendants actually exist, How can he name one Buddha? And no one bar the defendants have admitted it once, Several groups of students, such as Baek Sutaek statements, as well as am, Imsinhyeon even though depends entirely on his own court stated, To prove that there was a scene the release of the accused arrested Prefecture pregnant beat is impossible inde, How much more is the day the defendant issued any instructions to anyone of the name Buddha, why can you sure you want to prove? The fact that the defendant was not there then,.

next, Section 2 of the 'crime'. "·····Gimdo is above the front Baek Taeung defendant and the defendant Rhyu Si-min····· Beaten by drivers(Speaking to sonhyeonggu)To transpose three weeks·····Adding multiple top-left·····"Part too, Even in the "never not two days of violence while under investigation and Baek Taeung Rhyu Si-min," he sonhyeonggu his court stated contradicts.

And of the 'crime' Section 3, "the defendant is Rhyu Si-min·····same(9Speaking to May 26) 21:00If the next day from 01:00Until the defendant Yun Hojung, Oh Jae-young, and such Baek Giyoung, Nam Seung-woo, Oh Seungjung, Such as anseungyun·····(The Jeong Yongbeom)·····Continue to investigate and resolve·····"And" criminal "The passage of this 4 similar too, The defendant merely put to distort the facts discussed throughout the Election Committee and for a long time about the problems of the student council and the student chapter of elections were in progress at the time of encyclical and, This Oh Seungjung, The day clearly revealed by the statements such as Kim Dohyeong.

Several examples shall merely point out the fact that other parts particularly noticeable, That pose a comparable degree of contradiction difficult to manually enumerate the total judgment is not even needless to say. This is a phenomenon that reflects the regime to make it look as if deliberately advanced to the defendant, under the direction of the whole affair, and student representatives intentions, Chess Most of the contents of this decision chimsobongdae·Distorted·Fabricated distorted last October 4 nuclear police statement(Original text)Sanya arrest warrant·Through gongsojang is evidence that does not change as it moved one tossi.

1For this reason the simpangyeol, Individuals and the ethical and legal responsibility by clearly can not judge would not banggihan stripped the social responsibility of the judiciary to contribute to the moral improvement of the whole society of groups associated with the event.

It geoniwa repeatedly pointed out the injustice of the defendant is thus one simpangyeol bother revealing because they want convicted by a valid reason not to evade their responsibilities.

finally, Currently, as if on behalf of the Conclusion of the defendants has become like an example of "violent militant students" are the appeals yiyuseo haebolkka a few words of excuse for yourself.

The defendants are more passionate or strut or the like to a human than others is never not to, For much less, or red water youth worship violence it is that it is not more. The defendant is not only the most ordinary young people can often be seen in the distance always "Never let injustice looking ', "Think of the pain of my neighbors like pain ', He taught that 'do not lie', Now think of the words of the elementary school teachers can not remember even the name of Them as immutable truths, Rather, young people belonging to a little piece woojikhan.

The defendant is out of practice the most pure love through this excuse, The act of practicing the infinite love of the motherland, Soon endorsement of all students in the struggle for democracy needs to play.

7 years ago from now the end of February 1978, Feeling the back of the eye, such as bosideon mother stood proudly at the mouth of the alley carrying a hefty gohyangjip scrip when I leave Seoul to study the way, This defense is to judge the choice (The length of Chiusi busy or six children are good clothes, Since the idea of ​​the length to repay my parents came to a lifetime ignoring the delicious food heard, Also because I'm sure that one is not a bad thing) Was still only nineteen-year-old boy did not take off the boor eorinti.

At that time I could only hear words of warm blessings from everyone, Social Sciences, Seoul National University freshman who was the defendant line with the smell of blood mixed in with the prison term "Restoration System 'has really knew. "Restoration is only two to live, and because I could not be said to lie in the social teacher who. Today was just always sweet, Even just thinking the future Dun excited chest was swathed only in the hope Rosy.

But rhododendron One day in May, but already it withered before yet acacia flowers bloom, In just his way down pureureo dazzling bright sunshine calibration, First taste the appearance of open tender Reedy girls caught on his way, holding the locks pulled over naohdeon tears rising out of control and spicy tear gas, It is seen holding jwin after the student union hiding in secluded corners to grab the chest terrified.

All things since that day has gradually begun to reach a different meaning. Unsightly appearance of the lawn riot police who reside in campus dormitories under the entrance to the observatory had just come off the spot turned white in the wind to play baseball every day is, I think every day, ever have become a sore heart becomes jeorit. Virgin of sixteen flower has been more ashamed of our hasukbi than one month's salary earned by working more than 60 hours every week,. Also drink a beer, Hadagado pretty girls and archaeological meetings, Suddenly suddenly while bad things have been frequent street face hot day like a child caught. Try Were these phenomena are signs of "problem students" become.

And the winter, After seeing that seniors have come to love is a prisoner in the "divine court ', At the end of a pretty serious troubled look that sit tall, wearing his saffron robe never have to wipe from my mind.

Next summer, The defendants are being elected as representative of Economics last issue that students received from an authorized school officials and law enforcement agencies, I came to throw stones at the forefront whenever there is a protest.

And it frightened bandokjae the struggle of the people's growing Restoration regime abandoned to decay to infighting 10·26After the coup there, Join the Resurrection was like a nightmare 'Union to liquidate the Restoration Movement praised college for two years has been in charge of an important position in March 1980' 'Union Chairman daeuiwonhoe'.

The struggle of the spring unforgettable frustration May 17, The defendant was seureoyi sudden arrest students, Presidential Security Service and the Military Police Department samneun proud 'professor and one who beat the Bride', Later received a harsh afflicted of two months from the police headquarters, which are special investigators one who caused the "gimgeunjo Mr. torture killings' in Busan next, Mr. Kim Daejung was not able to do haejuji a false statement received by dividing the funds to each university student body president.

In just three months, constraining US without knowing martialed but freed by statute dismissal decision, By Per receipt of a medical examination as soon as the irregularity enlisted in only 40 hours in a few days time it has come to become a 'gangjip students'.

As sharpener hair from the barbershop's strange failure to enlistment Eve realized that the defendant is no longer a disgrace blessed to be alive. The defendants during the 32 months to the day after the day was discharged that day, 'special byeonja'(Special significant fluctuations party)That was to have a new name, As always monitored has been blocked and must suffer from any of the positions other than the ends of the foremost rifle great sochongsu.

And later that year, before accentuated get used to life without samneun off only by the minus 20 degrees cold and heartless to split the sheer hillsides and the night sky spike jeomulnyeok, Pvt who was present at the time the defendant has been involved in an incident handout college friends are relationships that his pre-war spirit while Seoul boansa lost and the local security forces for one month at the end received a detailed review of the overall college leftist, Without the written reprimand in mind until then it was able to return to troops, At the same time it has been transferred to another regiment.

However, the defendant is in the forefront of the field of Central and Eastern Front of the tragedy of national division, It also dread the were able to send a three-year period from the troops of our army of serious outermost ends rifle to great fortune confident yeoteum great soldiers that are comparable to others.

But just two months ahead of umbilical March 1983, Another one of the trials was waiting. A surprise last year, the world 'greening projects’ Or 'political faction control Peacock' is exactly what. This allows the most inhuman forms of human oppression forced to take off so you can not sell to the safety of the refurbishment will be applied to hundreds of special byeonja. At the time the defendant who was active duty military can be achieved by compromise the safety of refurbishment to meet their needs, albeit formally mothayeo to overcome the fear of the security forces have had, The pain of conscience caused him was inevitable.

Thus, it is now the defendant jinaedeon weighed down on the fear of violent repression of the military dictatorship who revived a new will to life and the struggle to death the succession question in relation to six of the classmates who forced recruitment as well as the accused person and greening projects or was shocking events themselves broke their lives.

Rather innocent defendants before the proclamation of conscience, chose death rather than sell a comrade even when it is not forever be ashamed of their cowardice. Yamalro it is an insult to blame for the pure soul.

So the expulsion of a student bokgyo measures in December 1983 in the wake defendants formed a "Committee bokgyo expelled students' and friends together for the abolition of the Beast of forced recruitment and greening projects, And it requires a genuine democratic institutes and while the struggle was not bokgyo.

The regime also exists in the record business, no, Going with a truly rare in terms of "the few leftist extremists expelled students to use the privilege of holding the government was ignoring the bokgyo the material of political propaganda" for us, while denying even the existence of forced recruitment, Bars are open massive propaganda offensive, mobilizing the media fish farming.

And the defendant has organized a 'Iing Council, according to the belief' struggle for democratization should be continued anytime, anywhere in any form whatsoever ', when the return to school in a variety of circumstances in September last year,. However, not only was the only one not only in this case again expelled student president and redemption students return to school in two weeks, Of the defendants, but his name has become synonymous with abandon "violent student '.

This defense is thus 5.17 pokgeo twice the proper first after, And the so-called liberalization measures are redeemed after the first indictment, It would have been "assaulted Act '' violent extremist students' convicted of a violation.

However, the defendant is still in their hands do not never used violence, No doubt that he is the owner of a mild nature without change. Therefore mother eusin old age he mourned the sufferings of the Son, and in the legal sense one corner eulssinyeon, When one is building gyesinda tears under the walls of the long detention only except heartbreaking, The body is stuck in a 0.7 square meter solitary mind, but the defendant is always peaceful and happy.

It Whenever I think of a bright future is excited Dun nineteen-year-old boy accused receive chest like a gang that can not be forgiven, but seven years later, the boy was docile because we never grow violent youth, The era of "creating the biggest project among the most docile humans’ Because it is illegal era.

On this journey of life, the accused through the past seven years is never universal experience of all students of this age are not sharing a special exception. The defendant in the light of 'faith in democracy "which, along with all the conscience of the times, Legitimacy is also against the military dictatorship did not have the efficiency, The student movement demanding restoration of democracy Indeed bar to make sure that the bells at dawn to wake up and shake the soul of the people crushed Scissors.

Today is a great beacon light of Gwangju Democratic Uprising was bravely fighting against the military dictatorship and finally climbed the other day,, Am a friend and comrade Kim Taehun martyr is just a day away, like liver while moistened with gray staircase of the Acropolis innocent blood petals, In order to save the human suffering in agony with Buddha came into the world the day.

Dedicate this holy day, the body in the struggle for human emancipation let small, but do qualitative Waiting period of countless souls Trail try a little hope that will be a boon to expose the truth Jin This article is a small hidden.

This contradicts the defendant more to love my country because it is covered, If the era of rampant injustice is time to party after a monologue without a paltry four of the city and port and Krakow wherever relevant proverb.


"Grief does not he live without anger, I love the motherland”


1985May 27,

Oil citizens

Seoul Criminal District Court of Appeals Part 5 Your Honor.

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