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Power expects full comeback in 12 years, only clones

Kkung Dali at Shah, speed, I, City Escape, Choryeon, Come back, Bing is the protagonist of the song clones shoulder deulsseokyineun only be subject to such round comeback in 12 years.

Clone line entertainment media agency announced the coming 229 days to announce the debut of 20 new mini-album on the 7th anniversary of the Clones.

Clone a new mini-album will be released on the 20th come-ray.


In 2005, five clones regular home 'victory' after the all new album in 12 years.

This album is active as a DJ Gu Junyeop songs took part in the musical work.

The game was a classmate Gu Junyeop gangwonrae same high school made a name as a reputable dancers in the area at the time.

After graduating from high school is the top prize in a dance contest and was ttuieotgo activities in 1990 Hyeon Jinyoung and Lee Soo-man in the eyes of members of the wah first phase.


He stopped working as a military service properly then worked as 1993 Gu Junyeop's "Tak 2 gave 2 'gangwonrae also worked as a famous singer backup dancers showed the possibility of also as well as dancing to emerge in 1993 bakmigyeong guest' warning Eve raempeo singer.

Kim Geonmo, This 5-Shin Seunghun as a reliever in 1996, leaving four gimchanghwan April was surprise debut as a clone named.

That's a clone debut leading contemporary artists solid, R him, Shin Seunghun, etc. This was the time when he used to come back to work.

When songs are selling clones doesnt study is neomcheo produces a remarkable rise to the No. 1 candidate for the broadcasters only album released in one month Rookie.


Then finished fourth consecutive weeks and if one more week one caught up to the ankle Kim Geonmo that makes the Golden Cup award, it is just a clone.


Republic of Korea Official Guinness Book of best-selling albums Kim Geonmo Vol. 3(286Million)5 house Shin Seunghun record sales past second place followed back to the right is an album released in May 1996.

This is the fourth house Shin Seunghun is "speed" of Kim Geonmo made in first place.

Kim Geonmo had occupied the seat of the Week "Is the top 10 summit in June that year, five weeks ahead of the first place was in the top spot in the rookie clones.


Such clones were obtained, but the storm popularity since its debut early ceased to art as a paraplegic during a captivated Sinnonhyeon Station range is gangwonrae 2000. tadeon motorcycles.


1996In the summer, at kkung Dali Sha ', 1997Years after the Summer "City Escape" I'm loved the song that represents the summer holiday season also look forward to this new song full of the power of the Clones.

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