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Her life as her husband died Sung Hyun-ah Videos

As an actor Hyeon-a Seong family history is revealed through the show, I heard a rumor is giving antta kkaum.

The "show heard a rumor" broadcast last 5 days Hyeon-a Seong family saga was published in the "hidden family story of the star 'theme.

Recently prostitution charges haetneundeyo word carefully return receive careful acquitted I began to appear again jyeotneyo deliver the unfortunate news

Sung Hyun-ah

The death of her husband being just Separated.

Hyeon-a Seong Hyeon-a Seong who is the husband of a few days after the acquittal was found dead in a car Osan, Gyeonggi all vacant office building nearby construction site.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah police her husband was a state wanted for allegedly embezzling 16.8 billion business failure and I'm looking to be self-chosen death was separated from his wife during the Sung Hyun-ah.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah was relatively affluent young neundeyo spent years 7th grade when his father failed in business and life could not smooth start under his father, former director of the enterprise.

Then bathe in the following four years older than his sister Sung Hyun-ah went doleo mother suddenly collapsed around Sung Hyun-ah mother subside after three years, I got a stepmother.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah was haetneundeyo at the time the story of the stepmother, "the stepmother kongjwi also did as much as we did stepmother." Sung Hyun-ah wont tolerate abused stepmother high school sophomore takes the banjiha digs with my sister and her sister began to live separately.

Sung Hyun-ah cut graduated from high school and be a model and decorating a living is to compete in the Miss Korea Contest 1994 qualifying tournament camp in Gwangju Jeonnam, It was elected in Mie Line.

But he lost the wounds received from his sister, but his stepmother was a sister to lose because of the beauty of baewoodeon technologies in all girl and Technical College troubled youth organization, acceptance of fire.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah lost until after the mother has a sister that I'd suffered a severe heart

Since Sung Hyun-ah's father married a second stepmother fortunately the second stepmother gave Sung Hyun-ah love with her sister than a mom-friendly Father's First Love.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah has seemed to find a stable, calling to mind the second stepmother said, "my mother.".

After starring drama Huh Sung Hyun-ah, Also reported neundeyo gained a great popularity, but happy to see it go, but his stepmother and died of lung cancer in 2001 while he was.

At this point I'm Sung Hyun-ah and suffered from severe depression.

Sung Hyun-ah

Sung Hyun-ah next year, 2002, is charged with allegedly taking Ecstasy yuhye was sentenced to two years in prison in August enforcement.

2003Sung Hyun-ah year released a nude pictorial appeared in "Woman is the future of man, and entered the Cannes Film Festival 2004 movie and did a successful comeback

2007Year was the divorce of marriage three years I was married to a businessman of one year old younger I look for again stable and gave birth to a son to a businessman and married three 65 May 2010 reminiscent will eventually separated husband of eonteo entertainment business failure.


Since I was going through a severe saenghwalgo was indicted in 2013 on charges of prostitution Then was acquitted last 12,016 years 3 years.

But did this time passed on her husband's death ...

Sung Hyun-ah

With the severe bending life, I'd often called "the blue one million lives'

Mr. Sung Hyun-ah Life is like a movie than a blue one million life seems more appropriate representation.

I can not tell without seeing you left the world to spend the first two people to the mother and sister had been his love and be loved, but it is separated from her husband that the trauma is suffered.

But the world can not go live only sadness. 시간이 지나고 서서히 또 잊혀지면서 그렇게 또 살아가는 거죠..

Please forces naesigil.

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