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school 2017 Cast confirmed gimsejeong whole school, including 280 call raeun

KBS 2 TV gimsejeong the school in 2017 was confirmed as starring.

5School days 2017 Crew gimsejeong school 2017 "This gimsejeong hit very well with the character" Cast confirmed for the school said gimsejeong 2017 Said that the cast.

Gimsejeong the whole school, including 280 schools in 2017, 6It took a 18-year-old schoolgirl raeun Station No. of Ratings grades.

Gimsejeong sexual 6 ratings but unintentionally dream to attend a prestigious Real Madrid artist teukgija typical one desire to be a first love and the campus will spend a couple of poor students accused.

school 2017 According to the crew, "gimsejeong the unique leadership and pleasant and bright personality fits well with the character of eunho. There've felt like the more you see the raeun call in the script from the combustion chamber meetings preached that "saying" Smoke potential gimsejeong does not put out myeongryang energy and still have the hope that 2017 will be exhibited in the school. ".

Matchul breathing and gimsejeong in 2017, the school has convinced the hero of jealousy, The jungyirago a traitor Kim Jeonghyeon This review appeared in a positive appearance, etc..


1999It began the KBS 2 School Series that year, May 2 schools, 2000March 3 schools, 2001School was broadcast two years 4.

School 5 December 2012 school 2013 What it was broadcast by name after the April 2015 Hooters school 2015 It was broadcast in.

School KBS series is its history as a drama indeyo are the best time of youth star

In one school Jang Hyuk, Ahn Jaemo, Choi Ganghui, Park Si-eun, Yang Dong-geun, Gimminseon, Ohjuyi, Do Ji-won, Yijaeeun, Kim Jeonguk, He has appeared, such as Bae Doona.

School 2 Kim Rae-won, Kim Minhui, Ki Tae-young, Chusoyoung, Ha, including a starring Lee Inhye has had three schools, Park Gwanghyeon, Jo In Sung, Lee Donguk school 4 Share, Lee Yoo-ri, Gimbogyeong, Lim Sujeong Jang has 5 schools, Choi Daniel School 6 Kim Sohyeon, Re-training, Haetneundeyo include appearances Nam Joo-hyuk

Known school series gimsejeong this time the school as a star gateway to success 2017 You are interested not only a singer boyeojulji a certain charm as an actor is focused through.

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