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All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Growl of sorts daughter-in-law and sisters Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon ssamdal

mbc was held in the new drama "All sorts of wives' Sangam mbc press conference two days.

All sorts of Liege and the daughter-in-law cast actors Ham Eunjeong, Yijuyeon, Kang Gyeongjun, Jean driveway, Gimcheong, Cho Gyeongsuk, Moon Hee-kyung, Lee Jaejin PD had attended.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Lee Jaejin PD is starring sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong, Yijuyeon, Kang Gyeongjun for casting reasons, "one was pretty good, eh cast" haetneundeyo before he followed "I wished dwaeteumyeon cute drama. Auditions for the meeting, as everyone pretty one, "he preached.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeonLee Jaejin PD is called "Ham Eunjeong has wanted to cast before this time was an opportunity then I did," made a special going on Ham Eunjeong.

We also discuss the Kang Gyeongjun said, "I've been so attractive at this time was non-stop Destiny" jeonhaetgo for yijuyeon said "I think geumbyeol sight" for casting reasons for the sorts of wives actor.

All sorts of wives being broadcast from June 5 will come when the enemies growl twins mannagiman a family drama going on he meets a daughter-in-law against daughter-in-law of the enemies house.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Through a communication and two sisters-laws of the settlement of forgiveness and reconciliation, It will hold a talk on communication.

Encounters fighting angsuk gateuni sister married into the family foe It's really like a terrific event.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

All sorts of wives starring characters

Yijuyeon (Golden Star Station)

A fraternal twin sister to the former Miss Korea Roughneck Nine Fashion PR leader one person you mama!

So he passed to his tumble bars janmeori the character Fox will heodang yijuyeon is their high yebeu best in the world., It got better, Top La thoughts and live ten minutes and use it without any courtesy or humility, etc..

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Piano from an early age under the thorough management of mother, ballet, violin, She attended the Academy of Fine Arts, etc. to study at prestigious universities and award finals to compete in the Miss Korea.

In particular, ignoring his brother while watching funny eunbyeol and has secretly rivalry and victimized by this brother has done everything himself eunbyeol.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

And confident, Chic,, Political, but a lot of the other characters in the home and the company.

While external capable and wise and beautiful woman with a lovely career and win with internally, It is calculated and brazen and lazy dirty reumyeo.

TV appearances to the limitations of the physical contact eotneunde also joined the CF in jjikeotdeon Age Fashion.

Age and married with a son and Park Minho eomchinah fashion four weeks is thought saljul beating the wealthy daughter-in-law out loud to all situations in life eunbyeol eunbyeol marriage is a mess.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Ham Eunjeong (Sulfur per station)

Fraternal twin brother, President and Publisher staff ghostwriter. Self-styled Candy, Taching protectors ....

My sister and her sister geumbyeol Ugly Duckling is the fateful angsuk grown in different pack cheondeok.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Thirty common life that is caught saengilsang to take a day later than my sister's birthday geumbyeol the wind is born past midnight I've never seen this gyeotdari the saengilsang of geumbyeol once it is saengilsang to the honor role or process the next day, the remaining seaweed.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

Friends ask 'cause he ate seaweed soup passes to cool, saying, "My birthday is packed ol ol eat nya".

Proud and outspoken jalgo, Tough guy not just overstepped the strong and weak side if you have stands for unconditional admission has always suffer being looked at as a true humanist Born ohjirap a mother of discrimination and of geumbyeol gapjil, I know too well the difficult situation.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

My sister is going geumbyeol poems I say, "Let's see you married." But there is the promise of marriage and loved ones that they'm the enemy of brother.

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

In the briefing produced yijuyeon sister's "golden star attraction is a surface sensitive and danson" adding, "People keep ahninya the 'Golden Stars me yijuyeon?'I am not absolute mutneunde. Golden Star naeneunde I'm angry he annaenda well, "said lead haetneundeyo" Lotta God is angry with Ham Eunjeong stress pulley sorry but angry "and" think viewership rises whenever the fight is postponed and Ham Eunjeong. Bakgo hit hard fight, so dont expect our fight preached that ".

All sorts of wives Ham Eunjeong yijuyeon

All sorts of wives beating bakgo fighting ssamdal sisters 20:55 5 days will be the first broadcast.

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