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Ji Dong-won marriage gangjieun

Marriage and Ji Dong-won Kang Ji-young real sister gangjieun

Ji Dong-won Kang Ji-young players up to 16 days and the real sister gangjieun wedding.

Piangsae gangjieun of Ji Dong-won was indeyo pro sister of a former member of girl group Kara Kang Ji-young

The two men come after I'd been a devotee for over two years to meet the introduction of acquaintances to raise a wedding

Ji Dong-won gangjieun wedding is coming June 16 in Seoul, The Shilla Dynasty hall that goes to private.

Ji Dong-won marriage gangjieun

Ji Dong-won's "was met with the introduction of re-acquaintance last year has started to crush the fellowship" preached about marriage, saying that "I had overtaken the conversation was so well through to the semi-honest look.".

After he said that "was with me to understand the joys and sorrows haejugo attentive and characteristics of the athletes life.".

Ji Dong-won marriage gangjieun

Unlike his brother, Mr. Kang Ji-young gangjieun has also often appeared on the entertainment program with that I'd go to the general fund company known as one fluent in three languages ​​and is Kang Ji-young.

Ji Dong-won marriage gangjieun

Ji Dong-won gangjieun wedding is coming 8 days before Iraq and the evaluation and Qatar won the 14th choice(World Cup Qualifiers 8 Game) I finished being a chirwo

This is Qatar's significant economic gauge the ninth consecutive World Cup bonseonhaeng

Ji Dong-won is "I want to be sure to get comfortably celebrate winning because after the marriage ended in Qatar transition," said he preached, "he said Aura gave cheer, do not hurt someone's wife to be sure to win.".

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