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Writer Kim Eunsuk

Woman of Paris, writer Kim Eunsuk ending sequel "Mr. Sunshine"

It said writer Kim Eunsuk and reflect on the consequences of lovers in Paris.

Writer Kim Eunsuk said, "I'm still reflect" on the consequences of lovers in Paris said, "then it was not thought that the ending is a bonus track. Deulyeoteumyeon said that viewers did not get it this bad scenario rangeol realized. ".

Followed by "TV viewers will have to stay fun. If you have fun by myself I would write a diary. Did not convince the audience and hear the bath that's wrong, "he said referring to the ending of lovers in Paris.

Writer Kim Eunsuk

What did natgilrae lover ending what the hell is the end of the Paris artist Kim Eunsuk has this to say

Lovers of Para is the time to broadcast one drama SBS 2004 50% It was called the Great Jubilee teujak recorded a huge audience.

Prickly tycoon 2 years old and Park Shin Yang Park Shin Yang in Green love the drama of ordinary women and Kim Jong-un, "Hey baby let's go.", Leaving the myeongdaesa such as "You are in me," Dong Kurn Lee's got a hot love.

Lovers of Parisian artist Kim Eunsuk

Lovers in Paris myeongdaesa have to make a lot of popularity tipping parody after the broadcast.

But imagine all lovers but never ending ending nawatneundeyo Eun Park Shin Yang and lover of Paris but in the end a happy ending nange information not in Paris to play heroine gangtaeyoung(Kim Jong-un)Geolro As the former scenario drawn ending drama viewers bought the Low form.

Writer Kim Eunsuk

Kim Eunsuk writer saw the movie "One day on Christmas Eve. Watching the deer Rudolph was called a film about girls. This was a shocking ending. At that moment I realized along with disappointments. If the viewer does not want the talks ending fun Once you have imported this feeling yiguna wo nineteen's the last time even better finish. I'd rather regret, so you should not have seen the movie, and when lovers of para I saying you did this knew what "that preached love the ending of Paris Wrong.

Writer Kim Eunsuk

Kim Eunsuk author heirs, Chic Lin Garden, Descendants of the Sun, Goblins, etc. Featuring high ratings record for each piece, and boasts the best current TV series ransom.

Writer Kim Eunsuk

The sequel of Kim Eunsuk artist indeyo will come looking for next year's audience as "Mr. Sunshine" Kim Eunsuk writers of his next Mr. Sunshine has stationed the one the boy to embark on when the United States expedition to Korea in 1871 warship in the United States returned to Korea abandoned himself to the US soldiers identity what is happening and drama.

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