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Top Cannabis positive

Big Bang Tower allegedly tested positive for cannabis

Top Cannabis positive rut is n.…

The alleged members of the group Big Bang Tower smoked cannabis was known.
Tower it is being implemented in the Kangnam police station to enlist for military service in February this year uigyeong

Top Cannabis positive
Last October, former military service is preached jyeotneunde tower reportedly smoking marijuana, according to the channel nawatdago A positive result of a test hair Tops cannabis smoking reactions in Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.
Top smoking marijuana is recidivism did this has not yet been confirmed.

Top Cannabis positive
When I pop the case of cannabis celebrities are just unforgettable
Top bar had been investigated by the prosecutors in 2011 accused of smoking marijuana Dragon is also a member of the group that belong bikmaeng.

Top Cannabis positive
At the time G-Dragon stated that it is not more than the taste I smoked cannabis a fan of Japanese performance carries knew of cigarettes went Dragon received a suspension of indictment recidivism have not been recognized.

Top Cannabis positive
However, in this tower it seems to vary depending on whether the decision recidivism Smoking.
Possession of marijuana, even if merely in accordance with the Narcotics Control Act danger becomes less than 50 million won less than five years' imprisonment to a fine restrained rhetoric in principle.

Top Cannabis positive
If cannabis smoking recidivism is recognized and is subject to a prison sentence of less than a minimum of 10 years.

In this case it stated that the police burned the tower and liquid cannabis while trying to investigate a woman smoking a cannabis was known as a scan of the top hair.

Tower was known to be a statement about marijuana smoking and then e liquid tobacco smoked knew Towing cables.

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