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Go four studies

Good business that can break down the walls between research go four younghonam

Moon Jae said taetongryeong the hope one day to go four National Advisory Committee jihoek want to remember to include the study of history Restoration Project.

Moon Jae-President haetneundeyo said, "I hope now gekkeum national gihoekwi misses this opportunity, it may be enough to reflect on the difficult task complaining again" 1 am 2nd meeting, senior adviser to Secretary

Go four studies

Moon Jae-President "I know we will be ancient history research center samguksa, There are no studies on the ancient history of the past samguksa previous aspects, "he said," that said to go live sucks properly overlaid on the study sinrasa ".

Go four studies

Following "go live Gyeongsangnam central to the idea as crazy history from Gyeongsangbuk, In fact, "it" is wider than the Seomjin around Kwangyang, Suncheon Bay, I even match a physical until PEK one is Kumkang ruins remain from the upstream watershed, "he preached.

Go four studies

Further study of the four to go because "it had a wide history, Restoration projects are capable to younghonam joint projects, "he said" preached a good business that can break down the walls between younghonam ".

Go four studies

Gaya is known hangeoteuro existed since the fourth century, or five centuries until the end of 6 th century.

Gaya John were established in the electricity go Confederation's a small country to mobilize the turned around guyaguk was in Gimhae and elsewhere around AD but not go pass the geumgwanguk heart attack of trying to evenly Union almost wear 5-6 century AD damage has been broken down go late around Daegaya federation it has been created.

Go four studies

But gradually go three toehan receive threats between Silla and Baekje was destroyed 562 years and never have.

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