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Song Dae-kwan Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi rant events jeonmal

Singer Kim Yonja held a press conference for the controversial rant Song Dae-kwan.

Kim Yonja related harm and 30 pm Song Dae-kwan rant event in Seoul Riverside Hotel hongsanggi manager(Treatment Managers Representative) And it opened the press conference.

Song Dae-kwan Kim Yonja

Kim Yonja at a press conference, "The Song Dae-kwan did not receive my greetings for three years," he said I said, "I inde four ambiguity busy activities in Japan, however, respect for seniors and juniors love them.".

Also attended and greeted eagerly, "that one day soon I want to stay gapge. But Song Dae-kwan said he passed away not well-received greeting ".

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

According to gimjayeon recent years, as well as the personnel representative's gimjayeon(Hongsanggi manager)Do not get too sorry for saying hello to seniors Song Dae-kwan said he is a sinner, and I feel daepyonim also made a lot of tears, saying too much suffering inde public.

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

Mr. Kim Yonja hongsanggi neundeyo manager also said that unfair

Hongsanggi managers disclose the scene of CCTV at the time of the press conference, and "I had to bath the bath first," he said Song Dae-kwan is preached, "I'm not even crazy guy not re-do the first bath seniors me.".

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

Song Dae-kwan was at the time of the year, "You dare me to his bath?"He said" And the shoulder Tak Chi hand, "said Song Dae-kwan himself a" face holding hands once again took the clothes I preached would be redeemed. ".

Hongsanggi representatives haetneundeyo argue Song Dae-kwan and discord is due to a problem with Kim Yonja

They are then broadcast said PD Kim Yonja much as the last order(Song Dae-kwan)The idea halttaeneun attention by saying the view is not saying you think would be good bodeora so you can eat a large bath to Kim Yonja wrong and had advised the personnel halgeot well after Song Dae-kwan said, was not such as to keep the personnel.

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

So I guess that is the Song Dae-kwan Kim Yonja seems to have the Song Dae-kwan complaints about what the finale stage, the stage.

Also hongsanggi representatives haetneundeyo ago haewatdago maintained a friendship with Song Dae-kwan of Song Dae-kwan mochinsang, Second it came maintain a friendship for the wedding of his son, so make the incense money believe such Jeolla former Song Dae-kwan was also convey that lent 150 million won to the husband of the younger diva.

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

I also represent hongsanggi tears was spilled one while eokulhae "to the press conference itself, its people, why did you pull me up here is that seniors are possibly not understand," he said, "both are lying. Who should reveal a lie. Just grab a different case, "he shed tears.

After the press conference, Song Dae-kwan's "alatdeoni lines to apologize to the press conference that it is not absurd that you are unfair," he said preached that "if one had ever called by the Hong borrow money or lend money to leave the music industry.".

Kim Yonja manager hongsanggi

After it said that "there's no reason why I first toughness enough to swear, not even those who do that," said "none is true of today's Hong claim".

Meanwhile, last April 24 Song Dae-kwan was hit hongsanggi facing the managers of ohdeon go down after the recording stage, said Song Dae-kwan heard a rant to Hong, The hospital found that a shock has been controversial due to start.

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