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Lee Sang-min Ugly chicks We sincerely broadcast ratings 21.2%

SBS 'Ugly our kittens' starring Lee Sang-min being the audience 20% There were over and become a public entertainment.

Lee Sang-min really got the sympathy of viewers are under evaluation.

Ugly chicks we broadcast last 28 days, based on Nielsen Korea 21.2% Recorded and compared to the previous 2.6% Rise and best 1 minute in the last broadcast I surpassed the 20% national audience is Lee Sang-min of the houses was the last story.

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min's Hong Seok-cheon, Lee Sugeun, Inviting Professor Min Gyeonghun nursing interference were entertained Skate dishes and recalls memories of the heyday.

Lee Sang-min's "that time when I had no money to spend. But as I said, I really wide haneunge self-rationalization laughed far happier. ".

Lee Sang-min

The ratings were soaring to 25.5 percent in the scene has also recorded the highest one minute this week.

Also Wednesday Lee Sang-min is haetneundeyo proceed to auction his collection haetneundeyo Hong Seok-cheon awarded the bid for the air conditioning did not sell used goods Hong Seok-cheon has carved out a 5000 won two euros there is no air conditioning flips to 25,000 won.

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min is gonna put out the last auction of baby shoes

Lee Sang-min's "gonna get married and the child was going to wear the same shoes nateumyeon me, Give it to your friends as a gift now remained only one "he said," to say that this naenotneun on auction, Love of my life is gonna end. I will not marry that "the bomb was declared.

Lee Sang-min

The Min Gyeonghun and Lee Sugeun is "Do not say that you abused," said haetneundeyo say: "Love is when and how may come to find," said Lee Sang-min, but is "open closet just looks shoes. Baby shoes also do not want to see the hit, "said fed awesome baby shoes was sold for 90,000 won at the end of the competition Min Gyeonghun and Hong Seok-cheon.

Lee Sang-min

Meanwhile, Lee Sugeun's "marriage is not 's only so they can not leave determined period. Haetneundeyo say should not abandon it hard to love the current situation. "

Love is not know when and how do you come to find even a free mind power Nessie Hope Road

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min said no haetneundeyo mother anhandaneun Lee Sang-min of marriage, "the words of Lee Sugeun right. I am not permitted. Today that means I will not have geolro "he said.

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